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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Letter of the week: Bb is for Butterfly

***I'm playing catch-up on Grace's preschool posts.  I realize it's nothing too exciting…but my goal was to document the year and then print out a book of just our preschool posts.  We will see!  But we did letter B back in October.  :)***

B is for Butterfly!

Handwriting pages from The Measured Mom

Butterfly size sort from 1+1+1

Coffee Filter Butterflies

**this picture was actually from another time we did this, but this is what they're supposed to look like

B is for Band-aid

Just a few other things we did this week...

The chrysalises didn't turn into butterflies until a week or so after we were done with the butterflies.  But we had fun one evening releasing them.

He was so excited.

And then they waited.

One flew out!

This is my favorite picture of all of them.


Viv said...

So very sweet!

Unknown said...

Grandma does "B is for BUTTERFLY" in her "DRAW WITH GRANDMA" series. You'll find it as a sample on this page of her website. Just click on the "B".


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