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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nolan @ 14 months

-food.  he really likes most things.  there are times here & there that he won't eat something.  

a typical lunch- turkey, fruit, & puffs.

milk.  it does a body good!

his feet.  slay me.

they're just so tiny and sweet.  and i know someday soon they'll be big {and not so cute}.
so i'm loving them now.

and those chubby little hands.

and that face.

where's nolan??

~his first little boy hair cut  {i have pictures from when my mom so graciously cut his hair (and the girls') and saved me $60+}

-just playin'  (before he had his hair cut)  :)

-it was all fun and games….til the popsicle was gone.

-this past week he's been going into his room and wanting me to put him in his crib.  it's not nap time.  and i think i've figured out it's because he wants his pacifier(s).

-loves loves loves to get dirty and play in the sand & water cart

oh this sweet boy.

1 comment:

Viv said...

I do believe that he is one of the happiest baby boys I've ever seen if not THE happiest! So very cute and sweet!


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