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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

keepin' busy

so i've tried to wear the kids out each day to keep us busy these summer days by doing at least one semi-fun thing.  my mommy guilt-o-meter gets a little high (READ: higher than usual) if and when they watch too much tv.  so the one fun-ish thing we do (try to do) each day takes my guilt to a tolerable level.  :)

this week we are expecting cooler temperatures and possible rain…so i figured that we'd end up inside a lot.  so what to do?  legos?

the girls got a little lego set for Christmas that we've played with a few times.  so the other day i picked up a little lego jr. set (for ages 4-8) and it was perfect.  the girls weren't that interested at first….but i think their interest grew a little that afternoon…and i plan to continue to encourage the legos.

we built this house and yard 'together'.

and then they played.

we took a little strawberry and chocolate milk break.

then today….i was determined to take the girls to the splash park…to get them out of the house before we were 'stuck' in the house.  i decided that we'd go in the morning and Nolan would just miss his morning nap, but it would be ok and life would go on.  haha.  
anyways.  just wanted to include this picture.  i fully realize that blogs and pictures and just social media, in general, can paint a very happy-go-lucky picture.  and while all the good and beautiful times i share here are the truth and did happen…imperfection happens here.  a lot.  and so i just wanted to share- the girls had to sit in time out for the first 5 minutes at the splash park.  one couldn't keep their hands to themselves on the way over and was aggravating and then disobeying…and the other was just downright ungrateful and already complaining that 'this splash park wasn't good enough'.

his first splash pad experience.  his eyes were just in awe.

then the water touched him and it was a little too cold since we ventured out early (9:30ish)…. and with the mid-summer cool front that came through…. and so he was mostly done with the water after that.

this girl pretty much stayed out of the water all together.  and honestly- i don't blame her a bit.  it was a little cool!

Parker wanted to stand under this and let is splash her…but then she couldn't do it and would run away before it dumped.

 there was a little playground right next to the splash pad and the girls actually spent most of their time over there.  and nolan…well….he just wanted to walk around wherever he pleased.

this guy found a bench that he crawled under over and over like it was a game.

i really need to get the girls back in gymnastics.  they've been asking for a quite a while now, but i kept putting them off until school was out and dance was over for the year.  so now i have no excuses.  
she found this bar and just kept flipping over it... over and over again.


Courtney said...

It looks like a really fun outing!! We love our local "splash pad"'s not much of anything but the three year old still thinks it's pretty awesome ;)

Viv said...

Looks like so much fun to me!


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