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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the first few days

Just as the last few months....the past few days have flown by.  I still want to write out all of the details from his birth-day....but I know that I will eventually get to that.  But there are also a few things from the first few days I want to write out before I forget (or before I just don't do at all).  :)

Aside from family (which I'll post later)...Ginger and Derek were our first visitors on the day he was born.  Just 10 hours old here.  :)

and they brought us this beautiful plant.

Nolan's first night was a little rough.  Between my nurse, his nurse, and him not really wanting to nurse or sleep...we didn't get much sleep.  He finally went to sleep around 4am and I was able to sleep until 6am when my nurse came in to have me do a few things...and then Geoff was able to sleep until about 8am.  Still not very much.  ;)  

We kind of just went through the motions on Tuesday and I didn't take many pictures at all...just a few on my phone and a few on the big camera.

Aubrey and Greg came to visit and I completely forgot to take a picture of them!!  Errr!!!  But they did bring me these beautiful flowers and adorable door hanger.

 Parker is absolutely loving her baby brother.  My mom, sister, and girls didn't make it to see us until later in the afternoon, and she couldn't get enough of him.

They were all pretty good (and loud)...and after they had all had their turn holding the baby and we had decided it was enough...they settled in on the bed with their electronic devices.  The silence was golden.  :)

 Emily came to visit and brought me a Sonic Dr. Pepper.

Emily's daughter, Lizzy, was on her best behavior, too!

Uncle Phil came straight from work to meet him.

Brittany and Leslie came and we had a good visit with them, too.

Last night was SO much better than the first night.  He did have a pretty fussy episode lasting from around 10pm to 10:30 pm and Geoff and I were at our wits ends.   The nurse came in asked if she could take him for us until the next feed.  This was the first time anyone had offered and I quickly said yes.  When she brought him back- she said he was fussy for a little while and the charge nurse wasn't too busy so she held him until he calmed down and then he just slept and slept.  So that was good to hear.  And it was good to sleep!  The rest of the night I would feed him and then just let him sleep on my chest and we were all able to get some decent sleep.  Some much needed sleep.

This morning, Geoff left early to pick the girls up and take Grace to dance.  We had made arrangements for Kristin to pick Grace up from dance so that Geoff and Parker could head back up here a little earlier, and Parker could get some one-on-one time with Nolan and some special attention from me.  But before they got here...I enjoyed an uninterrupted breakfast while watching Live with Kelly and Michael....and a shower.  I was feeling so much better today and so I got the camera out and tried to take a few more pictures.

Aunt B and Uncle Dave came to visit us.  Love these pictures of them with Nolan.

Right before Aunt B and Dave left...Parker and Geoff showed up.  She wanted to hold him right away.  She was so excited to be here.  And in such a grown-up, and mature voice...was talking to me....asking me questions like how much he cries, sleeps, eats, etc.  She just wanted to know all about him.  And my heart still melts.  I love seeing her like this and love him.  So different than when we brought Grace home when Parker was just 2 years old....and I am loving it.

After Parker got to hold him some and we all ate girl hopped up in bed with me to watch a little movie on the iPad.  (I guess my hands are still a little swollen.)

I ended up taking a 1-hour nap and she was so good to just watch her show and let us rest.  I didn't hear a peep from her.

Right as I was waking up...Nolan started moving around...and Parker was right at his side.  She was ready for him to wake up, but had waited patiently while he slept.

It's just the way she looks at him....I can't get over it.

Geoff changed his diaper for me before I fed him (and I have to brag on Geoff a minute....he's been so good to him {and me}...and I did not change Nolan's diaper until this morning for the first time because Geoff was always there to do it so I wouldn't have to get up).  Nolan was pretty fussy and Parker would just stand there and watch and sing "Twinkle, Twinkle" to him.

 A little later in the afternoon- my mom and Grace made it out to visit.  Grace was SO happy to see him.  And she even gave her Daddy some loving, too.  Yesterday- for whatever reason- she would have nothing to do with him.  Today it seemed she really didn't have much to do with me.  Nevertheless- she seems to be doing ok (other than being really tired)...and was excited to be here.

We also got a few more visitors....Lisa- our children's minister at church....


and Kay

And, of course, my sweet mom who, I'm sure, has been run ragged by our oldest 2 this week!


Viv said...

All wonderful pics!(except the ones of us, LOL) I love the ones with Parker, Grace and Payton. So very sweet! Can't wait to see you all again!

Kristin said...

Great pictures!!! :)


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