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Thursday, March 1, 2012

phone photos from the week

Just a few pictures this week of some things I want to document from our everyday....


We finally made it back to story time at our local library after taking a few months off.  I guess we just never made it back after the winter break.  And I'm not sure we'll be going back anytime soon, either.  Grace has can I say this.....a challenge at story time.  She does not want to listen and gets louder and louder until I take her out. I figured out this week that this is what she wants.  So in essence- she's being rewarded.  :/  On the other hand....Parker seems to really enjoy it and I know she gets some good out of for her sake I want to keep going.  We'll see.  I guess I can't let the 2 year old win!!

But for this week....I sat outside of story time with Grace.....

And I was so proud of Parker staying behind and really listened to the remainder of story time. In fact....she was a better listener after we left.  Go figure.  ;)


Parker's teacher in AWANA filled in her prayers.  I'm sure we won't keep this paper I wanted it here to remember and for her to see one day, as well.


I finally got around to ordered part of our blog made into a book.  I'm going to have to break it down because it will end up costing quite a bit.  We got it in the mail this week and Parker had her first look through it this afternoon.  This book is just 2008.  I waited for a discount of some sort from Blog2Print and jumped on the opportunity.  From my first post in March 2008- through December 2008. ..... hard to believe it's been 4 years and over 700 blog posts later!  The rest of the books will probably have to be spilt into 2-3 books per year.  My posts became more frequent...the pictures became many, many more, and I also made them larger.  So we'll see how it goes.  It'll take a while to accumulate.  But I am loving it so far!


We have decided to limit our gardening this year and just focus on one thing.  Pickling cucumbers.  But first we will have to clean out our bed.  It is FULL of cilantro.  I think I've said it before....but last year we just planted cilantro in a pot.  After we used it all appeared to have died off.  So Geoff just dumped that soil into our bed.  Well......a year later we have a TON of cilantro!  If anyone around here wants some let me know.  Seriously.  ;)


Jennifer said...

I wish we lived close by-we eat cilantro in something 4 times a week I bet. I guess I need to plant some!

Viv said...

We love cilantro but I'm sure if we took some it would die, LOL! I think the 'blog book' is wonderful. Don't think you girls know how much I look forward to reading your blogs. They are just wonderful!


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