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Sunday, April 15, 2012

this year's garden....

Earlier in the week we (I guess I use the term we very loosely).....but Geoff got out in the backyard and started preparing our little raised bed garden.  This will be our third year at {attempting} gardening, and this year.....we decided to take it easy.  We aren't going to try to grow a lot of different things.  Just pickling cucumbers.  We hope to have pickles to last us the year!

Anyway- after last year....we really let it get overgrown with grass and weeds.

And so......while working.....Geoff found this little baby bunny!  He said he almost killed it (on accident because he didn't see it).  He finally wooed it out of the bed and he fled to safety.

The girls played in the pool while Kristin and I just sat and watched them all.  ;)

That bed was a mess!  And.....he almost got another little baby bunny!!  I think it got away without a scratch...a big rock saved its life!  We haven't seen them since though.  ;)

Ta-da!  {haha} The finished garden.  Six pickling cucumber plants.  We added the tarp looking thing this year to hopefully help keep the weeds out.  And my mom gave us that aloe vera plant that I would like to move out the of the bed soon.  ;)  We also need to put up the wire cage (we do tend to have rabbit issues) and trellises as they begin to grow.  Thankful for the rain today!

And we have a few tomatoes growing on our tomato vine.

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