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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our day.

We've had a pretty good day today. Minus a few fits from my 3 year old....we had some good times. We didn't really do anything special. However- it was special that I was off today. I can tell that I am really going to enjoy my 3 day work weeks!

Like I already mentioned- Parker had a few meltdowns today that were pretty bad.....but really- other than at those times...she was really good. I've noticed over the weekend and the 2 days I had off this week- that she is getting better about playing independently. I listen intently to her because I love to hear what she is saying, but try not to look because when she makes eye contact with me, it seems to distract her.

But we did lay on the floor and color together....

Aunt Sis and Payton came over to visit and eat lunch. After we ate....I thought about folding that basket of laundry. But decided against it when that basket acted as a magnet to these three girls. If only this would be the case in the years to come. Haha!

Grace ventured into the laundry room and pulled out her black dress shoes. So I decided to put them on her. She has had shoes on before... but never really walked in them. And she did great!

Here....she got a little frustrated, but moved on quickly.

She really does still smile and laugh and gets so excited every time she is walking and we make eye contact with her and start talking to her.

The girls love to play behind the curtains for some reason. And no- I do not condone this. And I usually tell them to stop. But for some reason- today, I had the attitude of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em'. And in that spirit....decided to take pictures to remember that they did this.

There's Parker.....

A little bit later....Grace crawled over to this spot and was trying to take her shoes off....

...and so I took them off of her after snapping this photo.

I made these Stuffed Pizza Rolls from Our Best Bites. They are yum, yum, yum! And you can put whatever fillings you want in your pizza rolls.....I just put mozerella cheese, pepperoni cheese, and black olives. Maybe one day I will venture out and try something different. :)

I made 2 to freeze for later....and one for this evening.

After you roll them up and place them seam are supposed to gently drizzle olive oil over the top of them ....

And then sprinkle this wonderfully delicious garlic bread seasoning that is also from Our Best Bites. You also use this seasoning to make the marinara to dip the pizza rolls in. It's seriously better than in the restaurants (or at least just as good).

I also made this ranch dressing for dipping (it uses one cup of mayo and 1 cup of buttermilk...both of which I do not like....but with this ranch is so good!).

After Grace woke up from her nap....I had a snack prepared for them.

This is Parker's:

This is Grace's (strawberries and cheese):

I am happy to report that they both enjoyed their snack! This excited me because usually, Parker does not eat her lunches that I pack. :( And Grace, of course, at all of hers! :)

After snack we ran to Hobby Lobby so I could pick up this paper machet mail box. I saw this idea on No Time For Flashcards. I didn't even read her tutorial....but I read a few of the first sentences....and basically- she was going to be going out of town and decided to write her son a letter for each day that she was going to be gone. So I ran with this idea and decided to get this mailbox (instead of the one from the Target dollar bin- which is also really cute)....but I got this one because I want us to decorate it together. Then I will place letter/notes/stickers in their for her to open each morning that I am not there when she wakes. If she has time, and they want to, she can write me a letter, too. We can lift the handle when there is mail to be picked up. We'll see how it works out. I'll keep ya posted.

We came home.....had our pizza rolls....bathtime....playtime....bedtime.

So it was a good day. Good to be home with my girls. I find I appreciate it much more these days.


Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

Looks like fun! I bought THE LAST mailbox at Target tonight for activities with John. I like the idea of writing letters for him to read when I am out of town though- I will have to remember that for our summer trip hubby & I have planned! :)

Our Family for His Glory said...

What a fun day! You're girls are so cute!! I'm glad adjusting to you working has gone quite well! :)

Megan said...

Love, love, love the mailbox idea!!

And those pizza rolls...We will be trying those!! Thanks for sharing!

Jodie said...

I love the pictures of Grace walking...the joy on her face! And the mailbox idea is really cute and special for your girls!


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