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Monday, January 17, 2011

Grace's Birthday Gathering

Update: I added a few more pics to the bottom that Kristin sent me....and they include her birthday outfit!

Last night, we had a small gathering at our house with family to celebrate Grace's first birthday. Still recovering from Parker's 3rd birthday party (that I have yet to post about!).....and knowing that last week was going to be my first week at work.....I knew I wanted to do something low key....but still special since it is her one and only first birthday!

I still made an invitation because.....I wanted to. I just thought that she needed an invitation for her 1st birthday party....even if I only invited family (and I had sent them all an email telling them about it a couple of weeks before I even sent it out). We took these pictures a few weeks ago and then I made the invitation in photoshop.

So we ended up getting a sandwich and fruit tray and made a couple of dips.....

My friend, Jenny, had her daughter's second birthday party the day before and she gave us some of her extra tea from Chic-fil-A. Thanks so much! I didn't realize how much I love their unsweet tea!

Let me just say before we continue.....that I tried.....and Geoff tried.....we both tried to get so many pictures because we are really bad about getting pictures and functions. And somehow.....we still failed to get hardly any pictures! I don't quite understand it. Luckily, Kristin brought her camera and so I am pretty sure she got a few good ones....but this is it for now....which I am sure is more than enough....but still!

We had cupcakes for our little cupcake from Sprinkles. We had 2 different flavors....banana and strawberry. They're my absolute favorite!

I don't think she knew what to think at first... (Parker is wearing her "Grace's big sister" shirt that she LOVES that Jamie got her. She's so proud of it and will show people her shirt and tell them that she is Grace's big sister.)

Parker helped her blow out her candle...

First touch of the cupcake....

First taste.....

She ate most of the icing off of the top before I took it away, but she didn't get too messy (I think because that icing isn't that messy?)

We had a great time hanging out with our families and celebrating Grace's special day a few days early. It was nice and relaxed and minimal work on our part! Ha!

I have to work on her actual birthday, but Geoff is staying home to be with the girls that day. I am trying to think of something 'special' I can do for her since I will only be with her about 2 hours on her birthday. We are giving her this 3-in-1 trike that I want Geoff to put together the night before, but then not give it to her until I get home. Maybe I can bring home a few balloons? Any suggestions for a 1 year old? I guess it's just important that we'll be together.

Photos from Kristin: Thanks!


Megan said...

Don't be jealous but Grace and I did get to love on each other a little today! I could eat her up!! Happy Early Birthday Grace!!

PS...I have never had a Sprinkles cupcake, but I am pretty sure I might fall over if I had one. They look and sound delicious!

Milstead said...

1) I just realized you changed the url to your blog. I like it!
2) Grace looks SO cute in that pink hat.
4) I love the girls tutus.
5) I love the Caldwell family. :)

Kristin said...

if I must say so myself... We have pretty cute stuff! Grace's tutu, shirt, and bloomers are freaking too cute!! Even cuter in the pictures!

And I just saw your new url (bc Amy said) and thats cute!

Loved all the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

granny is so sorry she missed the fun and the family especially our
beautiful Grace and her party
Love ya Honey

Viv said...

I love the new name of the blog too by the way. Hope Grace has a wonderful 1st BD tomorrow. Enjoyed Sunday evening so very much.

Mrs. Ramsey said...

Love the new blog and the party pictures. It looks like y'all had a great time. Happy early birthday Grace!


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