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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Fun-day

Geoff and I both had the day off today and so I wanted to take full advantage. I declared a Monday Fun-day......because I am corny like that.

The started with me getting up with the girls so that Geoff could sleep in a little (he let me sleep in on Saturday....we both got up on Sunday since it was church today was his day). It was good to have this time alone with the girls in the morning because this is the first time it has happened since I went back to work.

I love the girls in the morning. It is {usually} their happiest time of the day. They are the least tired.....and right after breakfast, they (Grace) have a full belly. After they ate....they played well by themselves while I emptied out the dishwasher and picked up the kitchen.

I packed up all of the bottles and pumping paraphernalia (SO nice to get out of the kitchen!!!)

And I set out this Valentine's fabric I was feeling refreshed by the morning....I had full on plans to sew during nap time or after they went to bed. But alas....never got around to doing a thing with it.

We then met up in the living room floor and played. I really took it in this morning and enjoyed the heck out of them. It was one of those days where....instead of counting down the minutes for Grace's morning nap time.....I actually wanted to let her skip her nap (don't worry....I didn't ;).

Parker played with her mosaic kit. I love this and so does she.

I love this picture. It definitely depicts the refereeing that goes on constantly in our house! ;)

I got her away and she began to walk to me. She's still pretty wobbly.....holding out her right had to keep her balance.

I'm pretty sure that these are skyscrapers with an airplane flying over head.....but Parker calls them all her rocket ships.....and that's just fine with me.

Then this little gal played with this stacking flower pot that you put a ball through. She loves it.

And here.....she decides to take them off one by one. And after each removal.....she says, "Uuuh-oh!" Then onto the next. Repeat.

Nooooow she can put the ball in the top hole!

Or wear it as a hat?

We woke Geoff up not long after 9:00 and started preparing the pot roast for dinner. We make PW's pot roast and love it. So easy and delicious!

After Grace's morning nap- we headed to the library for story time. It was a great lesson.....but Parker didn't have the greatest attention. I am hoping that we make going to the library a habit because I think it will be great for her. Before leaving- we checked out a few books. I think we got some good ones this time!

After the library- we headed to Chic-fil-A where we allowed her to play in the place-of-germs! She had a ton of fun (and yes- I took a picture of her standing on the bench.....but then we told her to get down! ;)

By the time we got was time for Grace's afternoon nap....and Mommy and Daddy 'rested our eyes' while Parker watched "The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!". It's amazing how much that 20 minute 'nap' helps you through the day!

After nap- time seemed to really fly. Before we knew it- it was dinner time. While we were waiting on the roast and homemade bread to finish up- we went ahead and made our lunches for tomorrow.

Parker's lunch: strawberry applesauce (with a Tinkerbell sticker placed on top- an idea I got from this blog- she makes the cutest lunches), pretzels, 1 little chocolate cupcake from the 100-calorie 3-packs, vanilla yogurt with sprinkles, and raisins

My lunch: Chicken salad sandwich, carrots with ranch dressing, strawberries, grapes, and blackberries, and flips (half pretzel/half cracker)

Geoff's lunch: (almost the same as mine): chicken salad sandwich, craisins, fruit, and flips.

Grace's lunch: strawberries. cheddar cheese, cooked carrots, and cereal bar

Ta-dah! Our homemade french bread. Oh, how I love thee.

The pot roast took a little longer than we expected to cook (it was bigger and a little frozen when we started it) as I was picking up the kitchen (do you see how this is a recurring theme??)- Geoff played with the girls in the living room floor. And I love these pictures.

And here's the pot roast....still not quite done. It was still a bit tough, so we cut off enough for us to eat and then put it back in the oven. That's the funny thing with pot roasts that I've learned from the Pioneer Woman....and that's the fact that if it is did not over cook it. Just cook it longer! So we did....and about an hour and a half later.....perfection! So dinner tomorrow night should be a real treat!

We finished off our evening with all of us playing in Parker's room. Her kitchen set is in there now, as well as other toys, and so it was a change of scenery. Geoff and Parker played together being rough with each other while I was able to play with Grace one-on-one....which is always nice. I definitely do not think that she is hurting for attention- but she obviously doesn't get my sole attention as Parker did at her age.

So- aside from the 11+ fits that Parker threw (please tell me this is normal for 3 year olds???).....we had a successful Monday Fun-day!

And I think we are about to turn in. A couple of hours early. Ha!


Jodie said...

I am glad you had such a great Fun- Day Monday! Alissa said she saw you at the library! It sounds like the perfect day, spending time with your family.

Kristin said...

Enjoyed this post!! Sounds like ya'll had a wonderful Family Day!!

Viv said...

Great pics and sounds like a wonderful day!


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