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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011....

As I sat down to make our end of year video collage......I first went back to last year's post and video.

And it was interesting to find....that the thoughts and feelings I had last year.....were not, in fact, the same feelings I am feeling this year.

Last year, I wrote:

I highly recommend taking the time, if you have it, to go through all of your photos taken in 2009. It really takes you back. We all know that a year flies, but much. changes.

And while I do agree that so. much. sentiments are a bit different.

For instance.....last year- I remember looking back at all of the pictures throughout the year and just feeling so dumbfounded and just how much had happened in a year......"So much had changed."

But this year........this year.....I looked through all of the pictures.....and it was as though all of the things.....all of the pictures had been taken...... they had just happened last week. This past year has gone by faster, by far, than any other year of my life. It is seriously hard for me to comprehend.

And so...I chose this song to accompany the video, "
This is the time of my life" sung by American Idol David Cook.

Because.....this is the time of my life.

There really is no other way to word it.

We've had a rough past 2 weeks with illness trickling through our family (the most horrible cold/whatever virus I can remember!).....anyway......we took both girls to the doctor on Monday.....Parker because she had been running fever since Christmas day.....and Grace came along for her flu shot.

So when we were done with our appointments and getting in the car.....I was trying to fit myself inbetween their car seats in the back so I could sit with them to keep Grace awake so that maybe she would take a good nap when we got home....and I was trying to get situated because I was going to feed Grace on the way home.....all the while.....Parker is screaming because she doesn't want Geoff to buckler her seat belt (????) because she wants me to.....and Geoff exclaimes, "And you want another one!!"

And while I was completely stressed out, sleep deprived, and perspiring.........I laughed. And it was like I had this awe-inspiring moment that seemed to last a minute....but really only a millisecond....and I replied, "Oh Geoff......this is the fun part."

And I meant it. Not in the fact that it's fun for your kids to be sick and go through all that we've been through over the past week and a half.....but it's the part where we were coming together....trying to do the best we could...running on very low our life....and having the time of our lives while doing it.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


Viv said...

So sorry that there's been sickness and praying all is better now. You're both amazing parents though that's for sure! Your blogs make me smile so much!

Janie said...

Love the video!! So awesome to look back at those times and see the changes of the year.
Sorry ya'll have been sick. We unfortunately have been sick too. Its scary how this stuff is everywhere.....and so often lately! Take care and hope your all feeling well soon!

Kristin said...

That was great! Made me teary eyed. Kind of sad. But smile too. Love both those girls so much!!!!!

Mrs. Ramsey said...

I agree this year seemed super fast. I love the video!!! You also do a great job. Happy 2011 to you!

Jodie said...

I laugh at the "You want another one?" comment... And I like your response. So true. Happy New Year!


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