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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Unseasonably Warm

We had a rocky start to our morning yesterday. You know....just one of those morning's where everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed....and nobody can say or do anything right?

Well- that was our morning.

And it was a shame because it was such a beautiful day!

But through all that.....we finally decided to get out of the house and take a trip to the zoo. The weather was in the 70s....and our friend's Megan and Jeff had taken a family trip to the zoo earlier in the week that looked like loads of fun. In addition...our almost 3 and a half year old and never been to the zoo! So we are past due!

Well- apparently- every other person in our area thought it was a great idea to go to the zoo, as well! When we got there- all parking lots were closed....and they finally told us to park on the street (where there was a 'No Parking Anywhere' sign).....and decided just to head back home.

This was all par for our day at this point.

But we were determined to have some fun somehow. So we came back to town and headed to the park. Again- we knew it'd be busy- but on a smaller scale! And there was parking. Ha!

Parker had fun running around, of course. But I think both of the girls' favorite thing to do was swing......

But not just swing.......Geoff would stand in front of them and pretend like they were hitting him......and they LOVED. IT. They were just laughing and laughing. It's just so hilarious to them when they think we are hurting ourselves??? I'm sure anyone else who was watching this going on thought it was pretty funny, too.

Here is a little video showing just how much and how hard they laughed. They could not get enough! And it was that deep, uncontrollable, belly laugh. Precious and priceless.

After the park, we had an early dinner at Chili's....then ran through the Braum's drive through for a banana split and chocolate shake. Daddy was nice to share with his girls.

It cracks us up how wide Grace will open her mouth for a small bite of the ice cream...

I know this picture accidentally focused on the banana split, but I love her smile in it....

It was an early bedtime for the girls, as they (and us, too!) were worn out. All in all- we ended up having a pretty good day!

Now....I think we have below freezing wind chills in our forecast this week????


Jodie said...

Our girls LOVED thinking they were kicking Kurt as well. It has been great weather. I am glad you were off of work to enjoy it with the family.

Kristin said...

That video was too cute!!!


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