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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grace's 1st Birthday

Grace woke up later today than usual. Around 8am. This usually happens when I am not home. ;)

I was at Geoff was able to take today and tomorrow off (she has her 1 year appointment in the morning). With him being takes my level of 'mom guilt' for being away from my child down a few notches.

He sent me a few pictures throughout the day so that I could see what my ONE year old was up to!

This first picture he sent was when he was trying to feed Grace breakfast....and he asked Parker to get beside her for the picture.....and Parker excitedly obliged and was ready to smile when.....Grace reached over and her finger ended up in Parker's mouth.

I believe the email said, "I told Parker to stand next to Grace for the pic and Parker smiled then the following happened.....Parker was not happy. We love you."

After lunch- Geoff loaded up the girls to go to Target. Grandad had given Parker $5 the other night at Grace's birthday I suggested that he take her to Target where she could pick out 5 things in the dollar bin. This would be good counting practice....and she would feel like she was getting SO much. She was so proud to show me her stuff when I got home and how she got FIVE things (while holding up 4 fingers...ha!).

Here are a few pictures from their trip....

And for Grace's birthday present....Geoff got her her first laptop....She played with it in the car on the way home. ;)

And the last picture he sent me was this one.....and the title of this email was "Just like Mommy."
(no- I do not wear watermelon sunglasses....but I DO love large-lens sunglasses!)

After I got home.....we sat down to eat some delicious beef stew (that we were delighted to find that Grace loved!)

....and then I shared a strawberry Sprinkles cupcake with Grace. I'll admit.....I had not initially intended to share.....but when she saw it.....she wanted it! I had to watch her though.....she would just shove it into her mouth!

Pointing to the cupcake for more!

And this little girl ate all of her grilled cheese so that she could eat a cupcake, too.

When Parker was done with her cupcake, she still had a little icing left....and decided to share with her sister.....

After dinner and baths.....we gave Grace her birthday present.....this 3-in-1 trike. She seemed to like it ok.....I guess I always imagine in my mind that these kids will just start doing cartwheels when I give them something that I think they are going to love. Why do I do that?

On a different , but exciting note.....Grace started taking steps right after she turned 11 months old. Each week she would progress more and more.....but I think I over the past few days it has just clicked. She is taking the opportunity to walk whenever she can....and so....I am ready to say officially.....she is walking!!!

And I know I have shared a few of these cupcake pictures already.....but here are a few more....


Jodie said...

Happy Birthday Grace! I love all of the cupcake pictures. Time has flown by!

Viv said...

Happy Birthday sweet Grace!

Megan said...

Thank you for laughs! I am still laughing over the watermelon glasses and the cartwheel comments. So funny!

Happy Birthday Grace!!!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Grace Jean!

I LOVE the new blog look..... Can you change mine too???


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