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Friday, April 16, 2010

Popsicles......for breakfast!

I've been wanting to make our own popsicles for a while.....but it has taken me a while to find the molds. Or rather....I did find some (a lot) on, but couldn't decide which ones. I was seriously making this whole process to be a huge deal. (I do that sometimes).

But when Geoff ran to Target earlier in the week.....I asked him to pick some up because we figured they'd be in their seasonal aisles. And they were!

I had decided that I wanted to make these popsicles out of fruit and yogurt and milk because it would be healthy. It would be great and fun...... even for breakfast! Here are the pros:
  • Parker loves popsicles.
  • They are absolutely healthy! No sugar added! No high fructose corn syrup.
  • They are super easy.
  • You can be versatile....pick different fruits and flavors of yogurt.
  • It would be a fun activity for Parker to do with me.
  • Parker loves popsicles.
We've had this bag of frozen fruit for about 6 months I figured this was the perfect time to use it! And then one of Parker's yogurts.

We added the fruit....

The yogurt.....

And blended it.

Then Geoff took this picture. And I thought I'd share because it reminded me of something I'd seen in one of my nursing textbooks. But it's not. The berries just weren't blending as well as I had wanted.

So we added a little milk.

Parker loved pushing the buttons.

Then filled the molds.

I wasn't sure how full we should fill them, but now I know..... almost all the way.

I was afraid to make them too full because I knew the mixture would expand when frozen and I didn't want it to all ooze out (I'm dramatic, I know)... but didn't expand that much and the caps actually have plenty of room and I think that room is meant for the popsicles to expand in that area.

So in the future....I will fill them a little more full than this....

We put them in the freezer and I told her we'd have them for breakfast the next morning!

So this morning....I let her pick which one she wanted out of the freezer by herself. I ran some water over the mold to help ease the popsicle out.

Here she is inspecting it....

First bite. It's a little tart. (And another thing I didn't particularly like about this batch were all of the seeds from the berries. Next time I want to make them with strawberries and an overripe banana.....I think she will like it better because it will be sweeter. Even still....she ate almost the whole thing!)

Here....I told her to show me her popsicle. I love her face.

Here....I told her to smile with her popsicle. Little stinker!

And, of course, she had to eat her Rice Krispies that she eats every morning!


Viv said...

looked good to me too! You are so very innovative!

Kristin said...

Those are cool! I want one myself!

Off the subject... Gosh she looks so much like you in those pictures!! (I know she does anyways.. but more so when I am looking at those pictures or any picture for that matter!)

Jodie said...

I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing!

Megan said...

Yum! What a great idea!

And I love the smile and show me your popsicle picture!!


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