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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All planted.

Three weeks ago.....Geoff built our raised vegetable bed. I did not realize how much time had passed!

Anyway...this past Friday we etched out some time..... and headed to the nursery.

Grace just hung out in the stroller....Parker got in and out...looking at the flowers...picking up rocks....

chasing the cats.... (there were random cats walking around the nursery?)

...losing the cats and wondering where they went...

We picked out the vegetables that we wanted to plant in our garden. (It's not until tonight that I started wondering why it is that we chose to buy vegetable plants rather than starting with seeds....??? I guess we should get the vegetables sooner?)

We also bought some flowers to go in our flower beds out front (which are still not planted)...

We also bought the dirt to fill our garden. It's supposedly full of all kinds of good stuff like loam (?) and some other organic fun stuff (per Geoff).

To fill this bed, though....Geoff had to make several trips from the truck with the wheelbarrow....

Parker enjoyed hugging the light post....

And off he went....(And by the way...that wheelbarrow is heavy. I told Geoff I'd take a load back. He laughed. He told me to try to pick it up when there wasn't even any dirt in it. I couldn't. Then I laughed.)

I think I did a good job of wearing Parker out by telling her to follow Daddy.

Dumping the dirt.

And back to the truck.

Then Geoff put us to work. Parker loved spraying down the bed.

Many dirt loads later-- Geoff laid out the vegetable plants because he didn't have time to actually plant them at that time.

So Monday afternoon....he got them planted. We planted corn, squash, okra, tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and that's all that I can remember off the top of my head.

We may have bought too many vegetable plants. We'll see. He planted each plant with a foot in between for all of them except the tomato plants-- which he placed 2 feet apart. But the good thing is....we have mores space in the yard and the wheels in my head are already turning and I'm thinking about making another vegetable bed....but seeing as we have no idea what we are doing (Geoff has actually impressed me with what he knows, so maybe it's really just me that doesn't have a clue)...we'll do good to take care of this one this year! :)

We also bought some herbs...thyme, cilantro, and basil....and since everything we bought didn't fit...we decided to plant these separately in pots.

So here...Parker is helping Geoff fill the pots with our leftover dirt.

Now they're ready to plant.

But Parker was soon disinterested and Geoff finished planting them.

She got re-interested when Geoff brought out the water hose.

Do you see her face here. This is her....looking at me....with that smirk....and attempting to spray me.

I told her very quickly to not spray me! So she thought it'd be a good idea to give herself a drink....

Then she had to get in one more spray my way....
...little stinker!


Jodie said...

Good Luck with the garden! Parker will have so much fun picking the vegetables!

Viv said...

Cannot wait to see how it does!

Megan said...

Way to go! It looks awesome! And hauling all that dirt in...that looked like A LOT of work!

We started ours from seeds so we are a little behind ya'll! :-)

Can't wait to see it grow!


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