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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Your photos.

Confession: I have not printed photos since Parker was born.

{long pause}

As in.....I have not printed pictures in over 2 and a half years.

Other than just a few pictures here and there that I print out at home in order to frame or for a scrapbook....I have not printed out the thousands and thousands of photos I've taken.

After Parker was born....I printed out all of the pictures of the day she was born and of our hospital stay. I can't remember how many I had printed....or even how much each print cost.....but I remember spending $25-30....which I know isn't that much in the grand scheme of things. After was the birth of our first born daughter.........but at the rate we were taking pictures I could see it becoming very expensive.

I have tried to sit down and pick out pictures to print for a regular photo album, but then I can't choose. Even the 'not so good' pictures of my girls I still love because it was still them in that moment, you know?

I convinced myself that with technology...... our 'photo albums' of the future would be our DVDs (or whatever else they come up with for us to save things on)...and we would watch them on our TVs in our living room?

Maybe I'm wrong....and sometimes I feel a little guilty about it.....but I do try to back up all of my pictures on an external hard drive and then burn them to a DVD. Only....I'm not really that smart about it because if there was a fire or something..... I have them all stored together in the same room!

So the reason behind me writing about this you print out all of your photos? And if so, where do you store them all?


Heather said...

Most of them are on our computer, but I print out a majority of them also. I use Wolf Camera's online printing service. You upload your pics from home, then you can either have them mailed to you or you can pick them up at the nearest location. They also have 7 cent prints on Tuesdays, they are the 3.5x5, but for 7 cents you have prints! I do keep them in order in little photo albums, I am not a scrapbooker!

Milstead said...

I don't even have ONE picture of our wedding printed...and we have the whole cd of all of those AMAZING photos...and I have frames hanging on the wall with the fake people inside of them because I think one day maybe I will print out our wedding pictures and hang them up. I think the last time I printed pictures was when I went to Chicago in like 2005. And that was more for my Grandma because she went with us. You're not alone here. And I haven't backed up a majority of the ones on my computer. Knock on wood... :)

Megan said...

Well, I have been dreading this task of going through 2,000 pictures and really wanted to have it done before next weekend. Not so sure I will get it done. I still do want to print out a "few" for each month so I can atleast have some in an albulm. I guess that is the "old fashioned" coming out in me. :-)

Maybe you could set yourself a limit of 15-20 for each month (I know, easier said than done) so you atleast have some for each month in an albulm and do the DVD's for all of them.

Jodie said...

I have them printed every few months when snapfish runs a deal with 1 penny prints or free shipping and then I just put them in regular old photo albums. The kids love sitting down and looking through them!

Kristin said...

My goal is to print them... but it is taking so much time. But I to feel guilty for not printing them. I ask myself why am I even taking them if I am not printing them for her to see one day? So I need to get on that ASAP!!!


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