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Friday, April 2, 2010

Counting Easter Eggs Eating Raisins.

I bought some plastic eggs on sale about a month ago for Parker, and I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them. I figured she'd at least have a good time playing with them.... but was trying to come up with some kind of 'activity' to do with them other than just filling them with candy.

Then, Children's Learning Activities posted about this activity a few days ago.

On Monday, I just gave her an egg carton filled with the plastic Easter eggs. She had fun opening them...putting them in her Easter basket....then back into the carton.....stirring them....serving them to Lovey, etc.

On Tuesday, I took a black sharpie and numbered the eggs.....I also put numbers in the bottom of the egg carton so she could possibly match them up. We counted them as she put them in....and I'd show her a number and ask her what it was. She can't identify all of her numbers all of the time...and her counting really isn't all that consistent either, so I thought this was the perfect activity because she actually enjoyed playing along and it wasn't like I was forcing her to learn her numbers either. She was having a good time.

Then yesterday, I decided to put raisins in her eggs. I put the same number of raisins inside the egg as what was written on the outside of the egg. We were going to look at the number on the the egg...then count the raisins.

Only.....I was too slow.

I put the cartoon full of raisin-filled plastic eggs in front of her and made the mistake of telling her there were raisins in said plastic eggs.....I left the room momentarily to get Grace's pacifier or something...seriously....only gone a few seconds...came back and found her doing this.....

For some reason this just cracked me up. She had already gotten through 4 or 5 eggs in such a short amount of time. Needless to say....I didn't even try to get her to count the raisins. She was just so excited to be eating them!


Kristin said...

How cute!!!

Megan said...

LOL!!!! Hey atleast raisins are a healthy snack!

Viv said...

That's what I'm talking about Parker Ann, go for the food!


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