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Monday, February 24, 2014

sweet sleeping babe

One day last week…Nolan's naps were off a bit.  I can't remember the exact times….but he had been asleep awhile…and it was getting time that I needed to wake him up because he still needed to have a bottle, dinner, then eventually his bedtime bottle.

This very rarely happens that I am able to go into his dark room…him still asleep….open up the curtains…and snap away at his sweet little sleeping self.

But on this day, I was able to.  
And they are just some of the sweetest pictures.
And I couldn't reduce the number of photos or add them into a collage because I love them all so,

My sweet, sweet boy.


Viv said...

So sweet, Priceless for sure!

Lisa Williams said...

LOVE sleeping babies!!! They are so peaceful (and it is so peaceful ;)I remember taking more pics of Hattie sleeping because I knew she would be my last and they are just so sweet.


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