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Saturday, February 22, 2014

life lately.

just cleaning out a few pictures from my phone tonight.

Well…I never put the final finishing touches on the girls' shared bedroom. and alas….about a week ago, we put their twin beds back into a bunk bed.  We had tried this before when we first got the beds…..this was back when Grace was still in her toddler bed in her own room and before Nolan.  Parker thought she wanted to sleep on top them, but only lasted a few nights.  Then by the time we did make their room shared….Parker still wasn't ready, so we kept the twin beds side by side.  So now…(short story made longer by me…) they are back together.  And they both are loving it.  I think Parker likes that she kind of has her own space.  Now- Grace is allowed up there, but still.

The second day they had figured out they could make it a fort…and brought the iPad in there to watch a show.  They were so quiet and I was able to get quite a bit of laundry and picking up done.

 Speaking of laundry….this little guy likes to help.

but he sure is cute!

 This past week, Parker had Donuts with Dad at her school.  I was in charge of picking up the donuts, and I had to chuckle when I saw the boxes all stacked up.  That's a lot of donuts!

 It was a great turnout and Grace was able to join in on the fun since I was there, too.

While in class…they had made special little papers for their dads.  So sweet.

This past Friday we had a 'family fun day'…which consisted of a plan for us to go to Ikea and The Container Store.  We only made it to Ikea, but it was still considered a success.
Nolan's diaper bag ready for a day out.

But first…we decided to stop at a restaurant called La Hacienda Ranch.  I've never been and it was pretty good.  The kids were pretty well behaved and it was good to eat out together as a family.

Geoff and Parker playing tic tac toe.

As we were leaving…we couldn't help but let all 3 try riding out their horse and carriages.

Love his face in this first one on the left.

Then bubs got to ride all on his own.

And after shopping…on the way home….iPad watching for the girls and a nap for Nolan (and momma, too!).

My granny was in town visiting this week so we went to my mom's house for lunch on Saturday.


Viv said...

Looks like a fun day! We've eaten there several times with our Plano/Celina kids and grandkids and we like it too. Can't think of the name of another tex-mex place that's on Skillman that is owned by the same people! Bottom line of what I'm trying to get to is that he is the first one to invent the 'frozen margarita' and his machine is actually now @ The Smithsonian. A little trivia for you today from you ole Aunt "B"

Viv said...

Just thought of the name of the Restaurant(sister of La Hacienda) is Marianos.....


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