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Friday, February 7, 2014

snow day 2014

I woke up with Nolan around 6:45.  Around 7ish, I looked out the window and there was no snow.  I had looked at the radar /weather report....and it looked as though snow probably wasn't going to make it here.  And IF it did...there wouldn't be much.  It did look a little blue and cold, but I just figured....there'd be no snow.

About an hour later....I was helping the girls get ready for the day....and I opened up their curtains and blinds to let the light in....and to my was snowing!!  

I realize that most people had to map it into to work and school today....and had to battle traffic and icey roads to make it home.  I (and Geoff) and been there many many times and I know it is not fun and actually pretty scary.  

But today...for us....this was the first snow day that Geoff and I were both home in 3 years.  We have jobs (like so many!)...where we have no snow days.  We have to make it in regardless.

So when I saw the snow beautifully falling...I couldn't help but be a little giddy and excited to see it.  Just like when I was a kid.  Except...when I was a kid we rarely saw snow.  My kids have seen it every year of their life and usually multiple times.  

I had planned on doing school with Parker today so that we could just have the next 3 days to do whatever we wanted.  She had actually requested that we do this, too.  But when the snow started falling...we figured we'd better go ahead and make the trip to the grocery store...(and we also owed Parker a surprise for ALWAYS staying in her bed...even when Grace gets out of her bed and wakes Parker and when Nolan cries. ) Grace getting out of her bed has been a problem for the past few months.  And because Nolan has also been getting up, I had not even begun fighting the battle of putting her back in her bed.  Well...the past 2 nights she has stayed in her bed....and we've been praising the heck out of it....and we also have a chart on the refrigerator...and she gets a sticker each night she stays in her bed.  And after 7...a full week...she will get a surprise just like Parker did.  Fingers crossed this works!  Ha!

This morning she came out so proud....and in her sweet little voice, "I get to put anudder stickerw on wight?"  Yes, sweet girl, you do.

Sooooo.....all of that to say...Geoff took both girls with him to the store.  Nolan took a good 2 hour morning nap, and I was able to get a few things done.

Nolan woke up about the time they got home.  We had lunch....played a bit...picked up a bit...and got Parker's math lesson finished.

Playing tickle fight on our bed with the girls.  Then trying to get a picture of all 3.

Just a little sister bickering.  Compleeetly normal.  Ha!  Geoff heard them from the other room.  He opened the door with a look of concern.  I just nonchalantly looked at him and said, "It's ok....just sisters bickering."  Nothing a little time in their room didn't cure.  :)

Working on math....snow still falling in the background.

This is the view from the school room/office.  Blanket of snow.  Absolutely beautiful.

Regular school had not let out I ran out real quick to get a few pictures before people started driving.  These pictures do not do it justice.  And walking on the snow...that crunching sound.  So fun and just made me happy.

Around 2...Nolan went down for his afternoon nap.  And we all headed out into the snow.  Enough had accumulated by this point to really enjoy it.  But too powdery still to build a snowman.  Possibly tomorrow?

Parker threw a snowball in Grace's face.  Poor gal.

She ate lots of snow.  Even the snow off of the dirty car.  :)

Grace recovered quickly from the snowball in her face.... and I love this picture because a) she looks beautiful.  And b) the snow is falling.

She ate so much snow!

me and my girlies

we did some snowball throwing...

and snow angel making...

Parker and I went in after about 20 minutes of being outside.  Geoff and Grace decided to stay out a little longer.
Nolan woke up after about a 50 minute nap.  Grace was ready to come in at this point, but Geoff waited so Nolan could see his first snow.

My boys.

He didn't really get anything that was going on.  I don't think he knew what to think  :)  We might try to take him out again tomorrow just a minute.  We'll see.

We came in...more playing...picking up (because that never ends!!!)....and dinner.

Then....a cozy fire and s'mores for dessert.

Parker has eaten the marshmallows before, but never a s'mores (I did not realize this).  But she ended up trying one tonight, and said she really liked it.

And this girl reeeeeally likes them!


And because it's what I do.  

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Viv said...

So glad y'all had such a Happy Snow Day! You're right too, your kids have indeed seen their share of snow. So much for 'global warming'. I'm beginning to feel as we are living in the 'ice age'. It's not bad for us since we usually do not HAVE to get out!


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