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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt Play Date 2013

Last week we got to attend the 3rd annual Easter egg hunt at Megan's house.  Of course- it was filled with lots of play and lots of fun (for mommas and kids!)  We decided to start with a picture of all the kids.  I had to include this one outtake...I love what each of them are doing: Kaden loving on his sister...Hayden with his hands covering his face...Parker and Grace being Lizzy's momma.....and Payton.  We were missing 2 more boys in this, but I had to post it.

Here's everyone!
Kaden, Kallie, Hayden, Gracy, Lizzy, Parker, Payton, Hayson, and Hudson.  This is the best I could get!  :)

With this being the 3rd year....the girls know the drill!  ;)

Last year- Parker was too involved in shaking each egg before putting them in her basket and only ended up with a handful....this year...she was on her game and having the best time.

After they found all of the eggs....the kids ate some candy and played pretty well together.  It was a beautiful day...a little windy...but still so nice.

Here- they were screaming, "NO BABY!"  Lizzy was coming their way and I guess they were just being silly.

Girls v. Boys

And some fun in the sandbox.

Thanks again, Megan for always being such a great hostess!  I know we all had a wonderful time!


And because it's how I's a look back at the kids from the past 2 years at the Easter Egg Hunt playdate:

Payton, Parker, and Grace




Where did my babies go?!?  :)


Viv said...

Love,love All the pics! Know they look forward to this every year. Love the 'flashbacks' too. Makes you see just how fast time is flying by. You're right, where did the babies go? Precious memories for these children and their Mommies though.

Kristin said...

Love seeing how small they were in 2011... GEEZ!! Makes me sad!

Emily said...

Complete cuteness all.the.way.around!!!


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