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Friday, March 8, 2013

5 years- and On Blogging

I received the sweetest e-mail from my Aunt B the other morning telling me happy 5th anniversary on the blog and how much she's enjoyed reading of the years.  It made my morning.

It's been 5 years and 795 published posts later.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep this blog up.  If it's worth it?  And honestly, what keeps me going is just that it's a place where I am able to document, not only the big things that go on in our lives, but the little things.  And it's those little things, I think, that I love looking back on the most.  So many times I'll look back on random blog posts that show up at the bottom of a newer post (I know Geoff does this sometimes, too)...and if it weren't for the post, I'd have completely forgotten that the specific thing ever happened.  And while my life would surely go on and be just as complete without that memory, I still love that it's there.

Right after receiving the email- I immediately went back to my first blog post ever just to reminisce.  I didn't get far because then the girls wanted to see who that baby was and such (Parker was 6 months old when I started this thing!).

Parker was pretty good with navigating and would click on new posts as she reached the bottom of another.

I got such a kick out of their reactions.  "Oh how sweet!" Parker would say.  Followed by, "Come take a picture of this.  Look how cute Grace was as a baby."

Photo books/scrapbooks would offer the same responses.....BUT....I don't have those!  I have this ole blog.  And if you're someone that's read from the beginning or joined along the way....thank you.  While I love that this is a place where I document our lives....I also love the interaction with other bloggers/moms and the people I've 'met' along the way.

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Viv said...

Like I said, I have truly laughed, smiled and cried through these 5 years of blogs! It's made me feel like I can keep up with my great nieces lives although we don't get to see them weekly or nearly as often as we should. This is no ones fault, it's just that everyone has such busy, busy lives!(except us, LOL) Anyhow, your blog and subsequently Kristin's, have really made my day soooo many times! Think they are both wonderful and I thank you so much for sharing!


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