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Sunday, March 24, 2013

showered. {blessed}

My sister, Kristin, and sweet friend, Emily, threw me a wonderful baby shower last week.  I could not have asked for better decorations, food, or turn out.  Almost everyone that was invited was able to attend, and it was so good to see everyone.  To say that we were blessed is an understatement.  I just can't express in words how grateful I am for all of the love and support that we have from our families and friends.  

Blessed beyond measure and more than I deserve.

The lovely hostesses....Emily and Kristin

My mom got me this adorable tote filled with lots of goodies.  It's now sitting on the changing table full of diapers and wipes and ready to go!  :)

The game: guess how many m&ms are in the bottle?

Parker was so sweet and put her own guesses in.  I didn't even think about how she's old enough to do such things!

Emily, Me, and Kristin

Aunt Aubrey and Parker

The spread.  Such yummy food!

The yummy cupcakes from Sprinkles....the adorable diaper cake...and yummy punch!

How cute is this??

Look at that cute personalized pacifier clip!

And this clothesline.  SO cute!  My mom and Kristin made the onesies, bibs, and burp cloths...and Emily got me that super cute romper in the middle!

Grace really does give the best hugs!

Megan and Hayden

Hanna and Blake

Pei Lan and Amanda

Grace, Brittany, and Parker

Ginger, Kay, and Kasey

Aubrey and Leslie

Jodie, Jenny, Julia, and baby Callen

Alissa and Catlin

Amy and me

Aunt B and me



The girls playing with their new barbie that Aunt B was SO thoughtful to bring for the girls.

Love this picture.  Hayden is just looking at the girls in their barbies.  I can only imagine what he's thinking!  ;)

Kristin, Mom, my great Aunt Pauline, Me, Granny

The party favors....filled with cute hershey kisses.

I think I got a picture of everyone!

Again- I can't say enough how much I appreciate Kristin and Emily throwing us this shower and for all of the people who came and showered us with gifts and love.  So very, very blessed.

Geoff got home later in the afternoon and it was kind of neat to see him 'excited' about all of the boy stuff.  So I sat down and we went through all of the new boy clothes and it was exciting...the newness of it all.  We have 2 beautiful, wonderful daughters...and now we are being blessed with a son.  No more pink and purple and frilly and lacy and ruffly baby stuff! (yes that part is a little bittersweet for me!)

We were all worn out!  Grace enjoyed Pocahontas and one of baby brother's new blankets.  She sat so still on the couch just watching.  

Sweet girl.

Parker was running around and playing and helping, but I didn't get a picture of that.  :/


Viv said...

It was a wonderful shower! Everything looked so good and it was good!

Jodie said...

Everything was perfect!


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