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Friday, March 29, 2013


This past Tuesday afternoon we were able to spend some family time together and visited Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt.  I think I've said it before...but I really and truly, normally do not have a sweet tooth.  But get me past my first trimester in pregnancy...and it's like I can't skip a meal without getting dessert.  And the chocolate frozen yogurt with LOTS of pieces of oreos sounded like it would hit the spot.  And it did.  I love it when something I'm craving tastes every bit as good as I'd imagined.  :)

Geoff texted me this picture on Monday.  Parker was at school and I was at it was just the 2 of them.  Geoff's such a wonderful dad to these girls...for many reasons.  And on this day- he let her pick out a few sparkly nail polishes while they were grocery shopping, and painted her nails when they got home.  Pictures of my girls while at work always make my day.  

 The girls started swimming lessons this week.  I left the house without my good camera and did take some with my phone that I'll get around to posting eventually.  Grace, Payton (my niece), and Parker did great!  There were no tears and they all seemed to warm up well.

This week- Parker had her 100th day at school.  So one of her assignments was to count out 100 of an item...and she chose m&ms.  She did a great job...and even placed the m&ms in this pattern all on her own!

 On Wednesday- her school also had a Resurrection party.  Which I missed!  But I did send little bags of jelly beans with the Jelly Bean Prayer (printable found from this site) as a little favor for all the kids.

 Smoothies!  Why do I forget to make these?  I saw a picture of one on IG a week or so ago and have wanted one since.  They are so good and healthy...and the girls love them.  We had 2 yesterday!  Our favorite: strawberries, banana, french vanilla yogurt, a little bit of powdered sugar, milk, and ice.  Yum!  I'm going to gradually start adding spinach in there, too.  ;)

34 weeks with baby boy.  Not much longer! (Not that I'm in a hurry....still have lots of to-dos on my ever growing list, it seems!)



Linda Jordan said...

Your pictures make me want frozen yogurt + to go swimming, I'm guessing you live somewhere with warm weather right now! I live in NYC and it seriously can't get over being winter!!

Visiting from Life Rearranged :)

Kerry @ Made For Real said...

Starting my second trimester - YOU look great! And I'm loving that skirt: ) I need to announce baby on my blog! (Your girls are adorable!) wish we had warm weather...I'm so ready to get out and about!! Happy weekend!

TheNameIsCasie said...

How ADORABLE is your family?! Ugh -- and melt my heart with the daddy painting his little girls nails -- SO.CUTE. You're looking GORGEOUS too -- good luck with your new little boy!!

Karla said...

Such cute girls! And you look great! 34 weeks is not too far off for me! I love smoothies and have been told you can't taste the spinach! I have yet to try it though!


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