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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Counting to 100

One of Parker's at-home assignments this week was choosing an item and counting out 100 of them.  I had completely forgotten (bad mom!!)....but thankfully her teacher sent out a reminder!!  Geez I do not even know where my brain is these days! (Well- I think it's actually gone!  This baby has done used up what little I had left.)

Anyway- Parker chose m&ms.  Easy enough!  I first counted out 10 in a line and showed her that this was the way were going to do making lines with 10 in them.  After I showed her...she placed them all back in the bowl and started over by herself.

I didn't even realize until the third line or so that she was doing a pattern.  This was NOT something that I asked her to do.  So I was a little impressed.  ;)

Of Course, little sis wanted in on the action so I gave her a bowl with a few.  She 'counted' them....and mostly ate them.  :)   She even asked me to take a picture of her work.  ha!

100!!  And so excited!  We could have just counted by ones until 50 and then by 10s to 100....but she wanted to count by ones all the way to 100.  Just for my memory's sake- she did really well....but still doesn't know what comes next when going to the next set of 10 (like 50, 60, 70, etc).  But when I tell her "60"...she's then able to do the 61, 62, 63, etc.  by herself.  We're getting there.  I must admit- I have not been working on her counting to maybe we will start.

I gave her this jar to place her 100 items in.

Sure doesn't look like very many!  I could eat 100 m&ms so quickly!  :)


Grace was a little neglected during this process because Parker needed to concentrate and I wanted to be right there with her to stop her frustration before it sister found some of my valentine's washi tape and got to work.

Hey- whatever works!

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J and T said...

I wasn't sure the best way to contact you. I found your DIY blackout curtains on pinterest and I am dying to find some of that white textured fabric you used. (Post was back in May, I think). Do you remember what it is called? Thanks for your help. Tara,


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