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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

work shower

Last week- Pei Lan and Amanda...2 very, very sweet friends from work...threw me and baby Nolan a little shower.  As with my last shower....I just feel so blessed and grateful for the wonderful people in my life and I don't have words to justify it.

Pei Lan made this adorable diaper cake!

And for Sprinkles cupcakes!  Yum!!  This girl likes her Sprinkles.  :)

the super cute party favors!

Chrsitina, Amanda, and Jamie

Leslie, Pei, and Haley

All of us!  I really do work with some of the best girls!  I was just telling a friend the other it turns out.....I do really like what I do.  ;)  As in....I don't hate my job.  But for now...yes- my heart is still with my kids (and husband) at home and that's where I'd rather (feel like I need to) be.  But at the same blessed (I am annoying myself a little on how much I am using that word, but it is so true) to have a job that I do like and work with some amazing friends.  (2 of these girls had worked the night before and woke up early to come to my shower before heading into work again!)
 Pei, Haley, Leslie, me, Christina, Amanda, Jamie

The hostesses.  Amanda and Pei...thank you again SO much for your kindness and generosity!  I'm one lucky gal! (On another side note....the girls and I got to spend an afternoon a few weeks back with Amanda and Pei and my girls love them!  They also came to the shower that my sister and Emily threw...and Parker was SO excited about them coming that she told Payton (her cousin) the day before how excited she was that they were coming!  That they were her favorites!)


Pei-Lan said...

Love you guys!! <3

Viv said...

So wonderful and sweet! You can say you're blessed as much as you would like to sweet girl. Sometimes that's what's wrong with some people, they just don't realize how blessed they really are!

Amanda said...

Couldn't be happier to celebrate with you friend! Love you!


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