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Friday, March 22, 2013


Another busy week around here!  :)  I can't believe it's already Friday.  I feel like I missed a day somewhere this week!

This past Saturday my sister and sweet friend, Emily, threw me and baby Nolan a baby shower.  We were blessed with so much.  I'm still going through the pictures and hope to get it posted soon!

 Sunday was St. Patty's day and I the night before- I was helping Geoff out by getting the girls outfits ready for church the next morning (seems to help the mornings go a bit more smoothly and with less argument).  Anyway- the only sewing I've been doing lately is for the making new St. Patrick's day outfits was definitely out of the question.  But I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that they could wear their outfits from last year! (and really this was Parker's third year to wear hers!)  Geoff sent me this picture while I was at work and I love it.

On Monday afternoon- Geoff sent me a text with only the picture on the left and a message saying "Wanna know why she's like this?"  To which I replied, "Why???"  To which he replied with the picture on the right.  :)  Luckily- it was her own hair....and very little...and her hair has lots of body and some curls so it hides pretty well.  She was in time out and she looks so pitiful, bless her heart.  But sister has to learn to only cut the paper!!  :)

 Grace is still my baby for a little bit longer.  Over the past week or so I can tell that she has become a little more clingy.  Every night before bed she'll say, "Mommy- when I wake up in the morning do you have to go to work?"  And if I say no, she'll respond so excitedly with, "Yay!! I'm so happy you will be home because I would miss you" or something along those lines that's just so sweet.  If I say yes- she starts to whine and hugs me and tells me how much she doesn't want me to go to work.  Breaks my heart, I tell ya.  I found myself just trying to hold her more today...looking at her little feet...just trying to soak in her little-ness while she's still my only baby and praying that I don't look back one day and think that I didn't appreciate her enough these days.

 I try to make pancakes at least one morning a week.  The girls eat them so well (I do, too!).  Parker has been very eager to help lately and she does a pretty good job!  Now if I could just get her to be so eager to help clean up the mess.....:)

 And last night before bed Parker asked, "Momma, where is your phone?"  I said, "I don't know baby, why?"  She replied, "Because I want to take a picture with you and Grace.  Just you with your girlies.......and your BIG belly!"  Ha!  I'm pretty sure this was a stall tactic to delay bedtime...but I could not resist.  Love my girlies.



Emily said...

Their SPD outfits are SO cute!

And that tie/suspender onsie...I just got that EXACT one for one of my little man's Easter outfits. Is whoever gave you this the seamstress behind the shop I ordered it from or did they get it from Etsy too?!?!

Viv said...

Precious! Made me smile plus I got a bit teary-eyed too!


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