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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

32 weeks

This pregnancy will be over before we know it and baby brother will be here!  It has truly flown by.  We are in March now and he will be here in April.  Crazy.

I had my check-up today and I'm happy to report that I only gained 1 pound!!  So yeh- who cares what the doctor says about my weight....but mentally (hormonally, ha!)...I liked hearing..."You only gained 1 pound."

In other good news...he is still only measuring 33-34 now just 2 weeks big instead of the 4 weeks.  The deal is....measuring fundal height isn't the most precise way to know how big a baby is, just a decent estimate.  I'll still have a sonogram in 2 weeks and it will be good to see him and get some good measurements.

I'm still feeling pretty good.  Turning the house upside down trying to get it 'ready'!  Geoff has been SUCH a huge support through this all...doing ALL that I ask, when I ask, and without any complaints at all!   We made some big progress in the nursery today and it's making me more and more excited.  Don't get me wrong...he can stay cooking another 6-7 weeks and I'll be just fine with that!

Heartburn has set in.  I'll have it from time to time throughout the day depending on what I eat and how much...but twice over the past week I've woken up in the middle of the night with the worst heart burn ever and I can't go back to sleep because of it until I take some tums.  But I am thankful that the Tums seem to help almost immediately.

His most active time of the day is still the evenings.  I can't quite figure out for sure if it's just because this is the time of day that I am the most still and quiet....but regardless....from about 8:30ish until I got to be he is just doing all kind of acrobats in my belly.  I feel pokes and prods all over.  I have no idea what is where!  It's still so crazy to watch (and feel!).


Kristin said...

I am starting to get more and more excited to meet this little boy!! Can't wait to see him and hold him! :)

Emily said...

You look great!

Pregnancy heartburn is the worst! I still can't even look at Tums without feeling nauseous. Chocolate milk was the only thing that gave me any relief.

Aubrey said...

Can't wait to see you guys Saturday and meet little brother!!!

Aubrey said...

Just realized that sounds like I'm excited to meet him Saturday. Lol. I'm excited for Saturday AND excited to meet him in April!

Viv said...

You look amazing and I can't wait to meet him either!


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