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Friday, March 15, 2013


In looking's been 2 months since I've done Insta-Friday.  Mostly because I use my phone so much to take pictures...that by the time Friday comes...I've already posted the IG pictures in another post.  But there are a few that have slipped by...and I want to document them somewhere.


I don't even remember the date...but this is Geoff and Parker on the morning of Donuts with Dad at her school.


Back in February- Parker had a school field trip to the orchestra to see Tubby the Tuba.  This is her and her sweet friend Molly.

I had a great time with my oldest gal.  I think she enjoyed her first orchestra experience (and the one-on-one time without her sister)!


Parker got her glasses mid-February and she is doing SO well with them.  I'm so proud of her.  I could not have asked for a better transition.  I told Geoff the other day that the thing the gets me every time is when she's crying (a for real cry, and not a fake, whiny cry)...and she sticks her sweet little fingers under her glasses to wipe her kills. me.  Melts me for some reason and I don't know why?  Anyway- she's doing well.  An answer to prayer.  (Also to note- she usually gets up before Grace and usually comes out without her glasses.  I don't send her back to get them because I don'ts want her to wake Grace up, but Grace will always come out with them and say, "Here Parker...I brought your glasses."  Sweet sister.)



Parker is really excited about the upcoming arrival of her baby brother.  On this night...Parker was up a little later than Grace (the time change kind of messed with her)...and the baby had some strong hiccups and Parker just sat on her hand right on my belly to feel.  She loves it.  I do, too.  ;)


 Geoff has worked SO hard in the nursery (and the rest of the house for that matter) to get this house ready for baby.  I just have a few more things to do before it's complete!


A little snuggle time with Daddy before bed.


 Parker's drawing of our family to date: Grace, Me (with my circle belly), Geoff, and herself.  Love it. 


 My good friend, Lelsie, from work took our maternity/family pictures a few weeks ago.  She's sent me a few sneak peaks and I can't wait to see the rest!  These are near and dear to me because they are our last family portraits as a family of 4.  And probably the last of my pregnant belly (since Geoff says he's done after this one, haha!).


Geoff and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this past Monday.  I use the term 'celebrate' loosely, in that, I worked ALL day long.  I even got home 45 minutes late that day!  But I DID come home to these 3 favorite flowers (that stills smell so good), and strawberries covered in chocolate, chocolate and marshmallow, chocolate and coconut, and chocolate and pecans.  The chocolate and marshmallow were new this time and I LOVED them.  I mean- I loved them all...and ate almost all of them myself.


We had our house cleaned yesterday because we're having people over Saturday morning and our house was just....awful.  I had to snap this picture of our dining room because that table is NEVER cleaned off.  Always filled with my 'stuff'.  I always say when I do get it cleaned that I'm going to keep it that way...but yeh....that only usually lasts a few days.  :)


And I already posted a 32 week update this week....but yesterday I just felt like I looked so huge (I mean, I am.  But still.)  I just couldn't get over how I still have over 6 and half weeks left!!!



Kristin said...

Wow!!! The dining room looks amazing!! :)

Jess said...

I love that first picture- so great!

And I love chocolate covered strawberries... But I never even thought of dipping them in other things, like coconut or toffee... Mind blown!

Some Snapshots Blog

Unknown said...

What a week! Love the clean dining room, isn't that the best? My third baby turned out to be almost 11 lbs. People started asking me at about 6 months if it was time for him to be born yet. Feel your pain on the large tummy! Hope your sweet bundle isn't as big. Cute glasses on your little girl! Visiting from Life Rearranged.

Aubrey said...

I haven't been to your house since you got those gorgeous floors! P.s. I'm pretty sure I forgot to scan your registry when I bought gifts so you may get doubles! See you tomorrow!

Viv said...

Your house is beautiful! What a wonderful family that just keeps getting better!


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