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Saturday, March 9, 2013

an extra day at home

This past Monday they were overstaffed at work, and I was able to stay home!!  It was such a blessing!

Parker had school, and Geoff had already made plans to take Grace and meet up with his dad for lunch.  

That left me......alone.  

Oh my goodness...I was able to get SO much accomplished.  And the best part about was mostly guilt free (because everyone already had a place to be)!  I know I shouldn't normally feel guilty for having alone time, but after not seeing the girls for almost a full 3 days a week while I work...I really try to soak them up and don't like to send them somewhere again just for me to get stuff done (even though sometimes I know it's a must).

I did pick Parker up from school, which was a surprise to her because when I had taken her to school that morning, I told her that I might still have to go into work that afternoon (which was true, but thankfully we were still overstaffed and I did not have to go in!).

I took her for a special treat....a limeade from Braum's.  She's always worried about what she's missing out on while she's at school (she'll obviously have to get over this, but I was feeling generous this day)....and I knew that Geoff had taken Grace to McDonald's to eat and play with his I wanted to do a little something special just me and her (That- and it also sounded refreshing to me because it was a pretty warm day here.  Only- I think I've discovered, for myself at least, that they sound better than they taste).  She was a happy girl!

Geoff made it home just a little before us.  I finished up some last minute dinner things then called everyone to the table to make our dessert.  A peach dump cake.  We hadn't made one in a while...and for whatever reason...I have been craving pie/cobbler (not normally a fan of either)....and so this was my solution.  Easy...and SO good.  And the girls loved making it.  And I loved that we were all together doing it.  ;)

I divided the brown sugar and nuts into separate measuring cups just so they'd both have their own 'stuff' to dump.

This little stinker has the grabbiest hands ever!!!

 All 3 of us girls laid out the butter.

After 40 minutes in the oven....all hot and bubbly and crispy.  And delicious.

I plopped a good portion in a bowl and added a scoop 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.  And it was everything I'd hoped it would be.  :)  As far as the girls....they didn't like it at all.  Ha!  Grace cried because she just wanted a bowl of powder sugar for dessert?????  And then they just ended up eating a pop tart. Whatever.  Just more for me!

After dinner...Geoff was even able to hang some curtains in our dining room (yes- we've lived here for over 3 and a half years and I'm just now getting around to curtains and wall decor) after dinner.  It just made me a little giddy.  All the stuff I got done.  The extra time with my family.  I told Geoff..."I could really get used to this being home thing....and all of us together."  It'll be here soon.  :)

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Viv said...

The cake/cobbler looked so yummy! Glad you had this 'extra' day! So nice!


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