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Thursday, March 28, 2013

34 weeks

Yesterday I turned 34 weeks, 3 days pregnant with baby boy.  And this week- it's really starting to sink in that we will have a baby very soon!  Just a little over 4 weeks left, and I know that it is going to fly by!  Lots of different emotions floating around these days.

Anywho.....I had my 34 week check up yesterday and since I took Parker to my last was Grace's turn to go with me.  I was a little nervous about how she'd do...and she did SO well!

This appointment was a little different than a normal check-up because I was also getting a sonogram to check on his size.  Four weeks ago- he was measuring 4 weeks big!  I was a little concerned to say the least.  By my last appointment, at 32 weeks...he was only measuring 2 weeks big, so I was feeling a little better then.  But I was really looking forward to the sono....just to be able to see him again.

And it was SO good to see him.  I didn't cry....but that's all I wanted to do the entire 10 minutes or so.  Just overwhelmed with this miracle.  It never ever gets old.  

The sonographer said at the end of the sono, "He looks perfect!"     He was head down and his kidneys, heart, diaphragm, all measurements, and fluid all looked good.  And that was so good to hear.  Oh- and it was confirmed again that this baby is a BOY.  ;)

We ended up having to wait quite a while.  I was getting a little frustrated.  We waited about 25 minutes before the sono.  And while waiting- Grace was being so cute and sweet.  She said, "Mommy....make a mean face like this!"  I immediately laughed and mimicked the face she asked me to make and said, "Like this?"  She told me yes and then said, "But you're just pretending.  You're not mad, right?"  Ha!

Anyway- I was so tickled by it- that I asked her to show me other faces that Mommy makes.
Per Grace....(from left-to-right then top-to-bottom) happy face, my mad face (which I still can't look at without smiling or laughing out loud), my silly face, and my sad face.  She is just too much!  And I love it.  Love her.

After the sono- we waited and waited to see the doctor.... and by the time 45 minutes had passed...I had to go.  I wasn't sure how much longer he'd take and I needed to leave then in order to have time to pick Parker up from school (not to mention the fact that I missed her Resurrection party at school because of it.  Boo!!!)  Sweet Grace fell asleep just minutes before arriving at the school (of course).

It was a full...looooong day, but I am so grateful that the sono went well and it appears that everything looks good.  I know that a lot can still happened between now and delivery (I'm a NNICU nurse, after all!!  My brain never stops with the endless possibilities...but thankful for God's calming hand so that I don't usually go too overboard with my thoughts.)  We had church tonight and Grace's sweet teacher informed me that Grace told her all the details of the appointment today...including that I had to pee in a cup.  Yeh- hope there's not some permanent damage I caused there.  ;)

And something else I don't want to we were leaving church with my hands full of bags and papers....Parker stopped and said, "Mommy- let me help you with those bags.  You have a BIG belly and that makes you jealous."  I said, "Jealous?"  She said, "Yes- jealous.  It means you're SO tired."  Ha! Ha! Ha!

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