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Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Circle Wall Art

I've mentioned a few times that I have bee 'nesting' since about 18-19 weeks of this pregnancy (I'm now a little over 33 weeks!).  Not only have I wanted to get his nursery completed....but just a few other projects around the house.  We've lived here for about 3 and a half years....and I had not done a very good job of putting anything on the mantle or the walls....really anywhere.

I have a commitment problem when it comes to decorating...and so I mull and think for long periods of time before purchasing something because I am really good at getting that something...only to decide weeks later that I do not like it.  ;)

But with this pregnancy came a clearer vision.  Ha!  I"ve been a better decision-maker on the colors and things I've wanted to do around here.

And this circle wall art is one of them!

I was originally inspired by this...

I was perusing pinterest one evening and saw the pin above.  I thought- I think I can do that!  I knew I needed something over our love seat that was not a mirror (because we have one over our mantel) or family pictures (because I have those on another wall in the living room)...and so I thought this would work.

I started out by purchasing 20x20 canvases that were on sale at Michaels or Hobby Lobby (can't remember) don't let that price tag fool you...I did not pay that!

And this really cheap acrylic paint....that was on sale!  I got 2 colors of purple to go with our color-scheme.

Painted my background color first....

Then made the template for my circles.  I taped 4 pieces together to make my template large enough for my canvases.  I started out by measuring the radius of my circle (basically HALF of the length of one edge of the canvas) and marked it on a piece of white card stock (just for a little sturdiness).

  Then I used my straight edge and made marks like this....

Then connected my dots to complete my 1/4 circle...

Then I used my template to draw on my canvases....

I have no more pictures of the painting.....but I painted my 'circles' with a darker purple.

Then covered them with a semi-gloss varnish just to give it a more finished look.

We also applied the varnish to my other circular wall art piece I made last year....

Geoff used wrapping paper on the wall to see where we wanted to hang them before making holes....

He's quite handy these days! (and I'm so thankful for all of this help!)

And the finished product....  I chose to leave the darker circles a little streaky.  It was not my initial intent...but then I think because the paint was so cheap it did it naturally and I liked I didn't go over it again to get rid of them.


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Aubrey said...

Love your house! You have the cutest ideas!

Tanya Anurag said...

Love the colors you have used. Looks perfect in your room.

Missy said...

What a fun project! I'm always scared away by painting art projects, but this one looks doable :) Thanks for linking up!

-Missy @ So You Think You're Crafty

Viv said...

I loved the colors and if I didn't tell you when I was there your house looks wonderful! Loved the girls room, Nolan's room is wonderful, and loving your new hardwood floor!

Kelly said...

This is beautiful! I'm so impressed that you made such perfect circles. Thanks so much for linking this up to Monday Funday!

Kelly @ View Along the Way

Donna Wilkes said...

This art piece makes a very bold statement in this room. I am glad you left the streaks - they give a feeling of depth to the painting. You have given me an idea for a piece using the circles. Thank you for sharing.

(I love that older piece which resembles a quilt.)


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