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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Parker and her Glasses

We picked up Parker's glasses on Friday afternoon.  For the most part, she seemed pretty excited.  She had looked at the pictures I took in my phone of her trying on glasses from earlier in the week...and on Thursday night, she did make the comment that she thought she looked kinda silly in her glasses, and expressed some concern of people making fun of her.  But all in all- she was excited.

We had a full morning and early afternoon at my granny's house- and I had brought my good camera thinking I'd get some pictures of us there, but didn't.  But right after we picked up her new glasses late that afternoon....I snapped a few pictures of her right outside the optical place.  I figured if I didn't do it then, it'd probably never happen.  ;)

Looking so grown up!  She's holding her new glasses carrying case...only her glasses don't really fit in there and she keeps her glasses cleaner and wipe in there (which is just fine).  She loves it.

And as you can see in these pictures....she was happy to show them off.  She was dancing all around in them.

Love, love, love the place we went to get her glasses.  The guy was SO helpful and understood that little sister needed a glasses case, too (she calls it her wallet).

Pretty girl.

I think the saddest part for me was that right after we picked up her glasses....I had to leave her with my mom (since Geoff and I both had to work)....and then I really didn't see her until Monday night right before bed.

I had called my mom that evening to check on her and I lost it.  Parker was doing just fine...but I guess the emotion had caught up with me (that- and I was just exhausted from our week).  Seriously- I know that wearing glasses is no. big. deal.  Lots of people wear them!!  Including me and Geoff!  :)  It's not life-threathening.  She's healthy.

I guess it's just that before this day....she had not a care in the world.  And on this day- it changed a little.  (again- I realize in the grand scheme of things this is really nothing!)

I texted Geoff on Sunday afternoon and asked him how she did at church with her glasses and he said that she did fine....but that one little boy did say she looked funny (and she's told me this same story again yesterday and today).  I cried a little.  It made me mad!!  But I know that kids will be kids.  I just don't want them to say those things to my kid.  ;)

She had school yesterday and had a great day there, which was so nice to hear.  So all in all....we're doing really well so far.  Answer to prayer.


Its Me Again Margaret said...

I think she looks adorable!! That purple looks great on her. I know the feeling sweet Parker girl I am 31 and just had to start wearing glasses.

Viv said...

I think she looks adorable too. But as her Mommy you can't help be upset when kids are bullies to your babies! Breaks my heart that children(even some adults) don't know any better! Love her in her glasses!


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