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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Disney World Day 4: Magic Kingdom

We had a rough start to the morning.  :)  A very early start.

Grace had been telling me for months that she would be Belle in Disney World.  I wanted them to pick which princess they wanted to dress up as and that was her choice.

Until that morning.
I put her in her Belle dress and within 1 minute she was trying to rip it off because it was itchy.  I understand.  But I was SO thankful that I had brought each girl a 'back-up' dress in case their mood struck!

Yes- those are tears in her eyes.  But sweet girl stopped long enough to smile for me.  I was really excited for this day...back in Magic Kingdom...a visit to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.....and dinner with the princesses.

And Parker wanted to be "Tangly-hair getting married" (aka Rapunzel in her wedding dress).

We had a slow morning on this morning because we didn't really have anywhere we HAD to be until 2:30.  Sure- we wanted to get there way before that, but we were going to try to sleep in.  Yeh- well you know how it goes.  When you don't have to be anywhere they're up early and vice versa.  Well- Grace was up at 6:30.  Uuuh!!!  :)

So we got to the park by around 9 I think. And the first thing we did was stand in line to see a few princesses.

I know this picture is blurry- but I love it.  While we were waiting, I asked them to smile and take a picture for me...and this is what they did.

Here- they were able to meet Rapunzel, Princess Aurora, and Cinderella.  They had not really seen a 'princess' since Pocahontas on our first they were kind of star struck.  :)  They were so excited to meet them, but it's kind hard to tell by their faces because their smiles are so timid.

Grace and Rapunzel

Most of the princesses gave hugs to the girls when they were done and I would always forget, but those were the sweetest moments.

Parker and Rapunzel

Parker and Princess Aurora

Grace and Princess Aurora

Grace and Cinderella

I'm not sure what Parker is talking to Cinderella about here....but she had a lot to say to almost every princess we met.  Lots of questions!!  It'd make my head spin sometimes because I just didn't know the answers and she wouldn't stop til she heard what she wanted.  Luckily- most of the princesses did wonderful and gave her great answers.

Next- we headed to Prince Eric's castle....

...which was really The Little Mermaid ride, Under the Sea.

...then to ride Dumbo!

...and the Tea Cups...

Geoff was spinning them SO fast!

We walked a little ways down to Tomorrow Land so Parker could drive the go carts.

LOVE this picture!!  I watched as they stood in line and headed to the 'finish line' to stand and wait for them when I thought they'd be done.  Oh my goodness!  It was so funny as they came around that bend....they bumping and almost flying out of that car and Parker LOVED it!  Look at her face.

I'm having flash-fowards of our lives 10 years from now and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.  :)

Geoff was going to stand in line again with Grace so she could drive but she didn't want to.  Which actually turned out to be perfect because it was time to start heading to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

We had a little time after the Bibbidi Bobbidi before our dinner reservations....and so we headed down a little ways to meet Merida.  The girls were SO excited to meet her.  And lucky for us the line was not long at all.  But while we waited...Parker colored and they had an opportunity to shoot a bow and arrow.

Grace wasn't into coloring...but she stood pretty still just staring at Merida.

Parker did well and barely missed the target!

Now for Little Bit...

Bulls eye!

By the time both girls had shot their arrow...we only had another 5 minutes or so til they got to meet her.

So I did hear the question she asked Merida.....she asked her where her little brother were....and after she answered that (I think she said they were with her mom?)...she asked what they were doing.  And Merida told her that they usually wake up and eat cake.  Then they play and eat more cake.  I think I was smiling the whole time.  It's just so neat and fun.

The girls were looking at the Disney Photo Pass people so I this is the best I got.

She loved her long hair.

Sister was done with the shoes.  I honestly was surprised she kept them on as much as she did throughout the week.

Time for dinner.

The dining room is just inside those windows...

Before dinner....we met with Cinderella....

Parker had questions for her, as well.  :)  This time...she asked where Gus and Jaq were.

And interestingly enough....they are right there!  (in the picture above, Parker us looking up at what you see in the picture below)

After picture time...we headed into the dining room. So nice.

(Geoff apparently makes these faces on purpose?)

So this is a nice dinner in Cinderella's castle.  And while we ate...we got to meet a few more princesses.

Snow White.  She even spoke in the high-pitch voice.  When she left the table...I think it was Grace (but maybe Parker) that said, "She talks like a little girl."  Hahaha!

Parker was too excited to eat her salad.  She just wanted to look around the room and see who was coming to our table next.


So Jasmine was going to be coming to our table next.  And Grace decided to ask Ariel why Jasmine wasn't wearing a shirt.  Haha!

Then- the first thing Grace says to Jasmine is, "Is your belly cold?"  Hahaha!!  Of course- the princesses were great with their responses.  She told them how she lives in the desert and it's hot and that she was just there visiting.

And maybe one of the sweetest moments.  Jasmine didn't get down on their level or anything (which was fine).  And she was about to walk away when Grace reached her arms up high to give her a hug.  Grace is a such a sweet hugger, too.  Both arms...all the way around your neck.

For dessert- the girls got to decorate their own cupcake.  They didn't eat much of the cupcake, but all of the sprinkles and toppings.  :)

We left pretty soon after dinner.  We wanted to have an early night (since we had an early morning)...and wanted to be rested for our final day in Disney.  Before bed...they got to watch a little show on the iPad.  They just look so cute and sweet.  {And quiet} Ha!


Anonymous said...

wow what a vacation.. love

Viv said...

it looked so wonderful, all the things y'all got to do! So glad y'all had this opportunity to go there. They will remember this forever!

amyomilstead said...

I have never smiled this much reading anything on the internet. These pictures and the stories that go along with it are absolutely adorable. I am so happy about your trip! I LOVE that Parker asked the princesses questions...I LOVE it. :) And Grace with her sweet hugs! Oh, I just couldn't be more happy about the way this trip went! The smiles from those two are amazing parents! And I'm a little jealous that my Disney adventures will be more boy themed...I wanted to meet all the Princesses!!!!!!!!!! :)


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