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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Disney World Day 5: Magic Kingdom

This was our final day at Disney World!  We told the girls that morning that it was our last and I think Parker got it.

I snapped this one of her just staring out the window on our bus ride over to Magic Kingdom.

Can't leave out little sis.

Yes- this is day #2 of pink hair. :)  She loved it.

As soon as our shuttle dropped us off at Magic Kingdom...we hopped on the resort monorails and headed to Chef Mickey's restaurant at the Contemporary Resort for our last character meal.

I did not get a picture of the buffet, but it is the best breakfast buffet I have ever partaken in.  :)

So while we were eating....we met:

Pluto... (Grace still had nothing to do with them!)

...signing their autograph books.


Mickey Mouse

She is a MESS!!

Although Grace still had nothing to do with anyone that stopped by our table....she had shown interest in Minnie and where she was.  I loved this Minnie Mouse!!  She was so great with us.
First- she signed their books.

Then I decided to just hop up and sort of make Grace be in the picture.  She didn't cry.  She didn't take her eyes off of her either!

Yay!  We got a smile!

And she even gave her a high-five.

Then Minnie kissed my cheek...

...and then I thought it was so neat how she hugged Parker...

and wanted to have a picture with just her.

Donald Duck.  That face!  Such joy.

After breakfast we headed back to Magic Kingdom.  And to Belle's Enchanted Storytime.
Belle's cottage...

From the cottage you could see Beast's castle...(which I think this is where the Be Our Guest Restaurant is...and I definitely want to try next time we go)

Inside Belle's cottage...

So they take a group of us into this room with the mirror.  This is a magic mirror...and it's how Belle keeps in touch with her father when she's at Beast's castle.  Seriously- so neat.  It opened up...and we walked through to the castle.

In here- this guy (and the dresser) help to assign parts to all the kids who wanted and some adults. (no flash photography beyond this point so I used my phone)

Geoff was chosen to participate!

Parker was a frame and Grace was the dog.

I thought that dresser was SO neat.  She moved her head and talked.  Blinked her eyes, too.

Then we entered Belle's library...and Lumiere narrated the Beauty and the Beast story ...

Once the story was told....they all got a chance to have their picture taken with Belle.

We had gotten a fast pass to the Winnie the Pooh ride and we practically forced the girls to ride it.  They did enjoy most all rides we rode (which wasn't many)...but they were just interested in other things this time...which I know will change over the years.

We saw the fairy godmother out and about and there wasn't even a long line to meet her, but neither girl was interested so Geoff just snapped this one of her just so we'd have it.

The girls {mostly Parker} really really wanted to meet the fairies!  And she had a one-track mind.... and it was hard to get her to enjoy anything else because her focus was getting to these fairies and asking them if they could shrink her for the day!  Seriously.
So to the fairies we went.

They met Tinkerbell and her sister Periwinkle.
And she asked Tinkerbell if she could shrink her.  And Tink said that they were already little....that she was only 5 inches tall and that if she looked around around at all of the stuff in the room that it was way bigger than them.

Yeh- Parker didn't buy it at all.  And was a little upset for a while after we left that she had not been shrunk.

Since we were in Adventure Land....we visited the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house.  Parker was very impressed with the condensed version of the story that we told her.  She had lots and lots of questions for us until Geoff finally told her that the movie was pretend and never really happened...just like some stories that we read.  She seemed to accept that answer.  ;)

Geoff and I both loved that movie growing up so we enjoyed it, as well.

After this- we were going to go meet Tiana.  Both girls had been excited about it, but by this point they were tired and getting a little on the whiny side.  And so were we!  We knew it was our last day and we really wanted to have rested girls so we could stay at the park late and enjoy the fireworks one last time.

So we decided to head back to the a late lunch, and take a little nap.  The girls were fine with this, but wanted to make one stop to get these wedding Minnie head-band ears.  :)

I didn't even know Geoff took these...but these next few of Grace just crack me up how she was checking herself out!

Geoff wasn't too convinced that the girls would fall asleep.  But they did.  It only took them about 5 minutes (or maybe less) of being still and they were out!

We were a little slower getting back to Magic Kingdom than we had planned but it worked out just fine.  We stopped and got the girls these lollipops to help pass the time while waiting for the Electric Parade and fireworks to begin.

We had a wonderful spot for the fireworks, but not so great for the electric parade so I didn't get any pictures of it.  But we were able to prop the girls up a bit and they were able to see the parade and they thought it was so neat.

At about 7:45 they have a little 'show' (it has a name but I am too lazy to look it up) that plays on the front of the castle.  It's really neat.  My words can't do it justice.  And while the girls showed little, to no, interest in this show on our first night....they loved watching it this time.  

Right before the fireworks began....Tinkerbell flew out of the castle!

Fireworks began at 8pm.  The best fireworks ever.  :)  These pictures taken with my phone don't do it justice either

And I just love how after the fireworks are done they just light up that castle so bright.  It's just like BAM!


The next morning we loaded up....

rode on a jet plane...

And returned home safely.

Both girls did well on the plane again and I could not have been happier.  We did hit quite a bit of turbulence at one point...drinks were spilling and such.  I was getting a little nervous, but Parker thought it was the neatest thing.  She said with bright-eyes and a bubbly voice, "I can't wait to tell Gramma how the airplane was so bumpy!"  She was just laughing and giggling as we bounced all around!  Kids. ;)


Whew!!!  That was a lot!  I'm glad to have our whole Disney trip documented though.  I plan to make a photo book of this vacation, but at least if I don't ever get around to doing it...I have it here!


Jodie said...

Wow! I can't wait to go now! It looks like an amazing time. So glad you all got to go and experience all of this. And happy you made it home safely!

Viv said...

Priceless, wonderful pictures and memories! So glad that Grace(& Parker too) got to meet Belle!

Its Me Again Margaret said...

I wish I would have documented on my blog about our trip to Disney. But I can tell you that the Swiss family Robinson tree house was one of Tyler's favorite things. He went through a phase of only watching that movie. The firworks there at Magic Kingdom are by far the best firworks you will ever see. I love see all of the character pics with the girls they are priceless! Next time you will have pics of Buzz and Woody ;)


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