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Saturday, February 16, 2013


My mom was so sweet to offer for the girls to come stay with her last night so I could get some sewing done for baby boy.  I have a deadline for myself of mid-March to have his bedding complete....and we got to thinking...there aren't many weekends between now and then.  I always have good intentions of sewing once the girls are in bed but I'm usually just too tired/lazy.

I did get his changing pad cover finished earlier this week.  And as of this morning...his curtains are officially complete! (Well- I say complete....everything is hemmed except the bottom....which are pinned and ready to sew, but I just want to double check once we actually have them hung that they are the exact length that I want.)  

I plan to do a cost analysis (sounds so technical and I don't mean it to) on how much I'm saving making my own bedding once the nursery is complete.  
Just for the curtains:  on can get this exact print/size of chevron curtains for about $140 plus tax and shipping.  But mine also have a blackout liner added which would increase the cost.  So-  total cost for these curtains which also have the addition of blackout lining: $80.  

I will say these were a labor of love, though.  :)

With the blackout curtains I made for the girls....I didn't fret too much on exact measurements.  That fabric is so flow-y, I figured it would be forgiving....and it would have probably been impossible to get just right even if I had wanted.  But with these...there was lots of measuring and matching up...I wanted the panels to be the exact same.  So there was lots of crawling and scooting on the floor....and at 29 weeks proved to be less than ideal. :) 

I did most of my cutting last night and Geoff got home right as I was about to cut the blackout fabric.  He offered to do it for me...and I seriously teared up as I saw how quickly he was moving along the floor and had both panels cut in less than 10 minutes.  It would have taken me at least 30 minutes.

Then I did my hemming this morning.

Geoff brought the girls home FIVE minutes after the curtains were complete.  I had hoped to get more done than I did, but I never get as much done as I plan.  Nevertheless....I am pleased with just having these curtains done!

I wanted to have a good afternoon with girls and not just lay around (we did that yesterday, ha!).
  So not long after they got home...they played while I got lunch together.  I had to laugh and snap this picture real quick.  I mean....I'm thinking we need more large toys for them to play with??  Kinda ridiculous.  {on a side note...I didn't even want the girls in these pictures...but they saw me holding the camera up and immediately smiled.  I guess I trained them well, haha!}

After lunch we made some cookies.  I picked this box up this morning at Wal-Mart.  I was hoping they'd be on clearance, but it wasn't.  They just looked so good though.  :)   And who cares if we're 2 days late?

While one batch was in the oven...this gal kept sneaking bites of the dough.

 She thought she was soooo funny!

Parker didn't want to miss out either...

Love this girl.  She is a MESS!!

While the cookies cooled we headed outside for a bit.  It was such a nice day.

Again- they self-posed themselves for the following 2 pictures.

And back inside to ice the cookies..

...and a few sprinkles....

I may have had one {or two} for myself.

And on that note....I think I may go have another.  ;)


Unknown said...

I never get as much accomplished as I would like to either! Glad to know I'm not the only one cramming to get 100 things done while I have a few minutes of silence :). And, the pics on this post are PRECIOUS!!! Your girls are adorable!!!

Kristin said...

Everything for baby boy is looking good!!! And looks like the girls were having so much fun playing together, such good memories for them!! And those cookies look yummy too!

Viv said...

His room is going to be precious! Loved the pics of the girls! Bless their hearts, they really do need a couple of more riding toys!

Pei said...

So many modes of transportation at your house! ;) Your girls are DARLING as usual! Such sweet smiles, it brightens my day to read your entries and see the family pictures <3


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