Thursday, May 24, 2012

DIY Blackout Curtains- They are finally finished!

So last July- I fell in love with, and purchased, the fabric I wanted to use for Parker's curtains.   So yeh- that sat on the floor of our office for a good few months. 

 Until one day....I finally laid it out...measured....and cut the fabric the length of the curtains.  On one panel...I did fold over and attempted to hem...but did it completely wrong...still showing off the frayed edges.  {But I must say- this did turn out to be a good thing in the end!}  And then I hung the curtains up with these curtain rings that I purchased pretty cheap from Target.  I wanted to have this type of ring on the top because I wanted the curtains to be able to be opened and closed very easily.  The other panel wasn't even hemmed at all...I just hung them up!

You see- here in the's pretty much sunny 18 hours a day (not really, but sometimes seems as though when I am trying to get my little ones to sleep at 8 o'clock and the sun is still shining ever so brightly!)

This black sheet has been nailed {yes, nailed} over Parker's window since we moved into our home almost 3 years ago.  {gasp}

So needless to say- it was time.  Time to get these curtains finished.

What prompted me to finally getting around to doing this?

Another confession:
I have been periodically searching for black out liners the exact size that I needed for her curtains.  A few weeks ago, I was in Joann's and literally stumbled upon blackout fabric.  Yes, yes.  It was there all along. Rolls and rolls of black out lining fabric!  Feel kind of ridiculous that I didn't know.  But now I do. just so happened to be 50% on the day I 'discovered' this.  So I bought the yardage I needed.

It didn't take too long.  A little time spread over a few days.

So what I did.

I took the blackout lining and hemmed the bottom 1 inch.

I laid out the curtains I had already cut.

This is just a picture showing how I had already folded over once and sewn in an attempt to hem them.  Obviously- it still showed the raw edges so it was no good.  But I never did anything else with it since I wanted to add the blackout lining.

After hemming the lining....I placed it on top of the curtains.

I began pinning at the top....

Now for the sides....

I basically rolled it over twice....and then pinned.  Now- no raw edges showing!

I did use my walking footer instead of my regular footer.  I love this thing.  It is perfect for sewing through thick layers and keeps the fabric from bunching on the bottom.

I have to admit- I was a bit nervous sewing something so large, and really didn't want to mess it up.  But this fabric is very forgiving and it all worked out in the end.  They are not perfect, for sure, but not too bad either.

So here they are!  Long overdue.  And the best part.....NO black sheet nailed to the wall!  ;)

I love having the room so lit.  Because the sheet was, in fact, nailed to the wall....her room was always dark.  I love natural light and so now I am really loving opening her curtains each morning...and when I turn down the hallway seeing the light.

Just a few more things to finish up her room and then hopefully I will show it all.  Just so glad this is done.  ;)


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Sally said...

This fabric looks really awesome! I can definitely see why you chose it. It goes great with the damask wall, too.

Viv said...

You did a wonderful job! Love her room!

Chantelle - ThousandSquareFeet said...

Love that fabric! And, isn't it great to find just what you need at the fabric store. I have numerous windows that I have used the blackout fabric on - some are just pinned to the curtains! I cannot stand to be woken by early by the sun but I do love the light during the day. Glad you got the finished product you wanted!

Della said...

They look beautiful. Loving that fabric.

Carla said...

Love the curtain fabric. Thanks sharing that Joanns carries black out fabric. May need some for my daughter who will be working night shift at the hospital in the next couple of months

Angie Ramirez said...

Oh i love the fabric choice and thanks for a great tutorial!

I will be featuring you tomorrow at Create & Inspire!

Angie from Little Inspiration

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner to check out your window treatments.
I recently changed our master bedroom curtains from tab light blue curtains to chocolate brown blackout. What a positive difference they made.
I still want to purchase something for our patio doors. Maybe I'll get some ideas from my tour!
I'm very impressed with your curtains. You've done a lovely job.

The Taffs said...

LOVE those! Where did you find that fabric? It truly transforms the room--great job! : )

Anonymous said...

I love these curtains! What size sewing needle did you use?

Sarah Byington said...

I love these curtains! I have been searching for the perfect fabric to use in my daughters' room and this is exactly what I had in mind! Do you remember the name of the fabric?

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