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Thursday, May 3, 2012

checking in....

A few from our week:

I finally got around to making the girls these cute ruffled tank dresses.  I hope to have a tutorial within the next few weeks (Don't get your hopes up, though...ha!  Weeks quickly turn to months around here!)


I still love the little time I have with sweet Grace after we drop Parker off at choir, and before I have to be in AWANA and drop Grace off at her class.  I love how more comfortable she is at church than she was just 2 years ago (yes- she was just 4 months old....but it was a labor of love for a long time getting her to go to her class without tears.....and now she walks right in).  She thinks she owns the place, I think.  She's just so happy-go-lucky there....gets excited when I say we are going to church (instead of saying "no" when we turn into the parking lot)...... and I love it.  Makes my heart happy.

Smile for Daddy!  {I sent him this in a text}


 Look who's sitting in a booster seat now.  Somehow she found out about the booster seat and she asked about it for a while.  She's meets the weight limit now, but I just wasn't in any hurry because she still fits in the car seats just fine and I figure they are safer anyway.  But- we caved.  She was 4 and a half after all....and still in a car seat.  But not anymore!  She absolutely loves how fast she can get out of that seat belt.


Grace tends to be a little on the clingy side when she wakes up from her nap.  This is also the time that I am trying to still finish up a few things for dinner, or start dinner for that matter.  Today I made homemade pizza (it was SO good....really hit the spot).  Anyway- I made this homemade dough because I was out of bread flour for my bread maker.  Anyway....

I usually have to put her on the counter (as I cannot hold her for too long because it really slows me down  ;)....and today she was just so cute to me....sitting up there....eating the dough (even though I told her no)....and then ate the yeast (at her own risk since I told her 'No')...


That's about it for this week.  Just a few things I wanted to document! 

life rearranged


likeschocolate said...

Adorable over and over again!

Kristi said...

Hi! Responding to your comment from Kelly's Korner link up. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I see a couple of blogs on your sidebar that some of my friends have on theirs. :) Small world.

Viv said...

They are both growing up so fast! Great pictures though!

Unknown said...

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