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Sunday, May 20, 2012

last week.

We took my mom to dinner on Tuesday night since we weren't able to get together on Sunday.  I just told the girls that we were going out to eat and they had no questions.  They love going out to eat.  So it was a surprise to them when they saw Gramma!

Happy girls!

We went to Cheddar's where I don't think we've ever been.  They have these little desserts in shot glasses for $.99...and they are the perfect ratio of cake to icing.  Parker got red velvet and Grace got chocolate.  And they both loved them!


Geoff and the girls made these flowers for me for Mother's day.  I love how creative Geoff was to come up with this.  And I love their little handprints.  Best mother's day ever.


......this little gal would not take a nap on that day!!  I guess just too much going on.  Poor baby.  Fell asleep on our way to church that night.  She wanted those sunglasses on!  I helped her put them on the correct way before I got in the car....but apparently this way is more comfortable for her.  ;)


Grace playing with Ken and Barbie.....just like the big girls do.


Playing on


We cut out the cable this week.  I took a picture of all of the TV with the DVR'ed shows on our last night of cable.  It's something that we love and was actually really hard to let go.  So far so good.  It's an adjustment.  ;)


 Made our weekly pancakes one morning.  We make them small.  Eat what we want.  Freeze the rest.  And the girls eat these as a snack throughout the week.


 Our cucumber plants are flourishing.  Lots of vines and lots of small cucumbers, but those tiny cucumbers aren't getting bigger for some reason?  So we've been really good this week about throwing out our coffee grounds and watering each morning.  Grace was still asleep on this morning and Parker was my helper.


 Last year for mother's day, Geoff got me a 'Pamper Me' package at a spa around here.  I never got around to using it, so for mother's day this year....I told him all I wanted was to use that.  It was SO nice.  I even got a manicure and enjoyed painted nails for 4 days (we can't wear polish on our nails in the NICU).  Coral for my nails, and Tiffany Blue for my toes.  Loved both colors.


 And lastly- I finally got the girls these leotards.  Parker has been begging and begging, but I was waiting until I found a good deal.  And these were a great deal!  And she was very very happy.  ;)


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Viv said...

We should give up our Direct TV also. Loved the leotards as well as the little desserts. Always love all the pics of those precious girls.(including you even though only hands and feet shots)


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