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Thursday, May 17, 2012

mother's day and splash park

I had the best mother's day yet.  I got home from work Sunday morning and found this sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me.  Geoff wrote the sweetest blog post and tears were pouring from my face.  So blessed to have him in my life to walk beside me for better or for worse.

I was completely shocked....even though on Saturday afternoon when I woke up....Parker was so quick to tell me that they had painted some pictures for me for Mother's day.  Geoff had told her not to say anything, but I don't think she quite got it.  She was too excited not to share.  ;)  Made it all the more special to me.

When the girls hear the garage door open on the mornings I come home....they open the back door smiling and excited to see me.  Melts my heart.  When I got out of the car, Grace said in the sweetest most excited voice...with a little bounce to her step because she could not contain her excitement, "we have chock-ie staw-beh-wees!!"  They were already digging in before I had a chance to get changed and cleaned up!

Instead of buying flowers- he had the girls make flowers with their handprints.  He didn't forget to mention that he did not get this idea from pinterest!  hahaha

Me and my girlies before church.  Truly blessed.  Love these girls more than words can say.

My favorite.....

After working 3 nights in a row....and no sleep....I made it through church!  Parker did so good singing in her preschool choir.  On the way home though....I passed out.  Geoff picked up lunch for him and girls....I was not the least bit hungry!  Then I napped til 5pm.  Geoff woke me up and we headed to dinner.  I was kind of out of it...but definitely doable.  I told Geoff I felt pretty much the same as I do any time that I sleep during the day.  It's just not normal and not as restful as night sleep.  Might try this more just to make it to church an extra time in the month!


On a completely different note- we met the Kristin and Megan at the splash park for some fun in the water and a picnic.  We ended our adventure with a snow cone.  We had a great time and looking forward to many more dates like this!

This girl was eating it up.  I think she might have had the best time.

I think Parker got bored somewhere along the way.  She laid down on the towel for most of the time after the picnic.  She's feeling fine, so I really do think she was just tired.  She's an early matter what time she goes to bed....and late nights really catch up to her.

Monkey see, monkey do!!  This gal quickly took Parker's place when the opportunity arose!

The perfect ending to a fun afternoon!


Jessica said...

So fun! I love how you spell out Grace's words. Your girls are so sweet. Glad you had a great mother's day. And kuddos to Geoff for a great post and sweet thoughts!

Unknown said...

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