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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a list.

A few weeks back I finally got around to making these grilled burritos....

They were so good.  Even without having meat (because you have the beans for your protein- which doesn't bother me in the least, but Geoff did comment....and to his surprise he really enjoyed them , as well).

We are actually making a big batch of them this morning.  The plan is to freeze the leftovers, but I am really thinking we won't have any.  Geoff also made our homemade salsa 2 days ago and we have an avocado to make up a little guacamole.  Yum!


Meet She (perched on the top of our house).  She is our dove that loves to visit our house every morning....and sometimes at various times throughout the day.  The 'discovery' of She happened weeks some point while I was sleeping during the day.  I had heard Geoff and Parker talking about She before....but it was always at a busy time where we were trying to get out the door or something....and so I'd get the answer of....She is the dove that visits....blablabla.  But it's been over the past week that I realized how it's actually almost routine.  And Parker is so into it....

Looking for She

Yesterday morning I caught a better picture of her.  She sat their for a while even with the girls standing outside watching her.....


Our cucumbers are growing.  There are lots of baby ones out there.  In a week or three (because I really don't know what I am talking about)....we should have quite a few to pick!


We have lived in our home almost 3 years and I have yet to hardly put anything on the walls.  I've talked about it before.  I have this issue with commitment.  I think I'll like something- then do it- then won't like it.  So I really have to mull over things (it's starting to get annoying how I am like also feeds my procrastination and I am really trying to work on this!) until I decide exactly what I like.

And we are almost there!  At least in the kitchen!  ;)  Geoff hung up the things that fill those paper space savers a few days ago.  The fact is, though, that the top 'frame' is still basically empty.  I can't figure out what to put there.  So still mulling.  ;)


Spent some good quality time with my girls yesterday afternoon.   The clouds covered the sun and there was a nice breeze.  We played outside for almost 45 minutes, until I made us come in to eat.

Grace wanted SO bad to put her hands in the water-filled sand cart (and she did) even after me telling her no.  Repeatedly.  She ended up in time out.  But the funny thing is (and not really funny)- when it was time to get out of time out....I asked her if she was ready to listen and not play in the sand cart and she said....'No.'  Not defiantly.  Just matter of fact- 'no- I'm not ready to listen to you.'  So she stayed in time out a little longer and didn't mind at if she knew it was the consequence for what she would be doing if she were to get up.  She is a mess.  A sweet mess.  And the crazy, soft curl head fits her perfect!

Parker had me count as she tried to climb the slide in record time.  1 second! haha

Monkey see, monkey do.

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Viv said...

loved all the pictures and really do love the 'circle art'. By the way, the table looks great!(the burritos looked yummy too)


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