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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Marla from Geoff, Parker and Grace

I will preface this quickly by letting everyone know this is only my second post.  I ask that any errors found be overlooked...

Marla, happy Mother's Day

We wanted to do our best to make your day as special as possible even though you will be coming off your third day of nights and also will not be going to sleep until after church which is something that is nuts.

For those who don't know what i'm talking about, Marla will have been awake since 3:30pm on Saturday night and will not be going to sleep until after Parker's choir recital at church this morning and after service is over.

To help brighten your day, this is what we did on Saturday while you slept...

I decided to let the girls paint paper plates 1) for just something to do because you know I struggle with trying to find things for them to do (because I'm horrible at it compared to you) and 2) to make you "flowers" (even though we didn't have enough time and the girls didn't really know they were making you flowers).

We then moved on to the one thing I knew you would love....

Parker doing an excellent job of not burning herself and pouring in the chocolate, which yes, they had eaten a lot of before doing this...

And yes dear, this is your two year old standing on a chair by a hot burner...don't think I wasn't nervous but she did wonderful

Parker wanted to try and get all the chocolate on but gave up quickly because it "wasn't working"

Yup, she's now even closer to the burner...but don't worry, no one was burned

You're two beautiful daughters wishing you a happy mother's day

The end result (with a little help from daddy)

I figured you'd like these "flowers" a whole lot more than the store-bought kind

Marla, thank you for all that you do, the long hours you put in at work, the crap you so graciously (well, sometimes anyway) take from me, the rough days with the kids, and the stress from trying to keep three kids (me included in that) in line.  You give us more love and support than we could ever give you enough thanks for.  We hope you have a great mother's day!!!

Dare to Behold

The brute the strength
The steady bow
A mother’s love
Dare to behold

Assistance in life
The shepherd’s gaze
So strong she is
So strong her face

The tender touch
A caring heart
The glare of sternness
Ne’er worlds apart

For she gives life
Always longing love
Never forgetting
Our Lord above

No back can break
Her spirit holds
A mother’s love
Dare to behold 



Dawn said...

Such a sweet dad. I love the flowers! Happy Mother's Day Marla.

Big Apple Mami said...

So incredibly sweet!! Happy Mother's Day!!

Sherri said...

Happy Mothers Day!
This is such a great post..and I can't believe Daddy painted and Cooked with the girls! Amazing!!

Kristin said...

Good job Geoff!!! Marla and the girls are lucky to have a husband and dad like you!!

Very sweet! Happy Mother's Day Sister.

Snider Family said...

For some reason this post had me in tears. Not sure why really, just such a sweet, loving, honest post.

Such a sweet Daddy.

Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful Mommy!

Kat said...

Ooh so wonderful! I love it when Dad's are so awesome!

Jodie said...

So sweet!

Unknown said...

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