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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AWANA Banquet

I posted about her outfit earlier....and so here are a few pictures form the banquet.  We had hamburgers and french fries that were actually really good.  Then root beer or coke floats for desserts.  After dinner- they handed out awards and recognized leaders.

So glad Geoff was able to come with us!  Now that I think about it...I think we were the only family there not dressed in the 50s.  ;)

Parker is a Cubbie...and they called them to the front of the stage.

They stood up to singe their song (that Parker had been singing to us all week ;)

(hopping in the song)

We didn't quite make it through the first book this year.  That's ok.  Maybe we'll play catch up next year.  But she did receive the attendance award.

Grace loved clapping for everyone.  ;)

We had a good time.  AWANA's has been a great experience for us all.  But I am welcoming the break, too.  :)  


Kristin said...

Cute pictures!!!!

Viv said...

great job Parker! Precious pictures, all of them!


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