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Thursday, February 21, 2013


One of Parker's assignments for school this week was a little book report.  She was supposed to pick her favorite book...write the title at the top of the page...draw a picture of the story...then tell me what happened in the story while I dictated what she said on the back of her picture.  Then they are even going to present their picture/story to the class.  I love this idea!

So we chose Pinkalicious.

I sat down at the table with her with all of the supplies....and she said, "Oh wait!  Wait a minute!"  And ran off.  I was haggling Grace at the it took me a minute to realize she'd been gone a little while...and I was ready for her to get back so we could get on with our work.

Well...turns out...she had run into her room to put on her Pinkalicious tutu dress and wings.  

We read the book together first, then she began to draw.  So fun to see what she came up with.  She drew the scene where Pinkalicious visits the playground and the bees and birds think she's a flower and fly all around her.

 After all school work was complete...the girls played so nicely together.  We really had a good day today.  Not too much whining or arguing.  :)

We had a lunch date with Kristin and Payton this afternoon...and I just wasn't up for an argument and let Parker wear that Pinkalicious dress in public.... with the stipulation that she'd also wear leggings.  So she did.  And she chose the turquoise headband and the rain boots, too.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

So I asked her to let me take a picture of her in her outfit.  I laughed out loud when I loaded these pictures onto the computer tonight.  Just so funny to me.  I love this kid.  And she can be such a joy to be around...and she's just growing up.  {and this posing is ALL her}

Seriously?  ;)

So once I got Grace dressed, I asked her if I could take a picture of her {I was just proud of the fact that her outfit coordinated (would not have picked those gold shoes, but again- not worth the argument)} AND got 2 bows in her hair at that!

And she posed like this.  Ha ha ha!!!  Monkey see, monkey do.  Love it.

Oh- my sweet girls are getting SO big.  Time- please slow down.

Today- we ran some errands and the checkout lady at Joann's asked me when I was due.  I told her, and she replied with, "Not soon enough, huh?"
And I said, "No....I actually need this time."

Because the reality excited as I am to meet this little's going to be the end of just the 4 of us.  The end of just me and my girlies.  And yes- for sure- we will have time just us and it will still be special...and all of our love will grow and new brother-sister bonds will be made.  
But for now- I just want to cherish these days with them while I can still give my attention to just the 2 of them.


Viv said...

I think they both have wonderful fashion sense! Very individual and I love that. Love them!

Erin said...

I love this. Reminds me how much I miss blogging. Reagan's everyday outfits are the same and I let her wear them everywhere too. (most of the time) It's not worth it, and honestly, I really don't care that much as long as she is dressed.

I also hear you on the no whining/arguing. Ugh, its an everyday all day occurrence around here these days. They always want what the other has or someone always had something first.

Can't believe you are 30 weeks! So exciting, do y'all have a name picked out? I also know about the time left with the girls, just the 4 of you. I am still going through that, call it post pardum I guess. I need to email you, we have too much to talk about!


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