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Thursday, February 14, 2013

our valentine's day

 I've never really been that into Valentine's day.  But this year I realized that it's a pretty fun little holiday.  I love dressing the girls in the pink and red.....and I love gathering a few little things here and there to surprise the girls with.  And one day I'd even like to put up a few decorations for the fun of it...but that'll have to just be one day.  :)

Parker has been hounding me about getting this Bubble Tape since Christmas.  I told her maybe for Valentine's day and she did not let me forget it!  Only- the funny thing is....she finally gets to chew this gum...and doesn't even like it!  She had some at a friends house probably almost 2 years ago and she couldn't really 'chew' it then because she'd just swallow it.  Anyways....all this time later she finally gets what she wants...and realizes it's not all it's cracked up to be.

Parker was up a little before Grace so we got to enjoy a little one-on-one time.  I printed out a few things from this Valentine's preschool pack the night before and let Parker do them while she ate candy we ate breakfast .

After breakfast we got ready and headed to a fun little birthday party at Chick-fil-A.

I told Grace to go put her shoes on.  I meant for her to not wear socks.  When I saw that she had put socks on I told her that we needed to take them off because they don't match.  Then she told me in the sweetest voice, "But Mommy- they're Valentine's day socks?"  And I couldn't argue with that.  

I will say I was excited to get a 3rd year use out of this outfit!  My mom made the shirt and I made the skirt for Parker 2 years ago.

I was dragging a little bit once we got home from the birthday party.  And so was Grace.  I know I've mentioned it before...but Wednesdays are our loooong days that don't end til 9pm.  And Thursday morning still comes early.  ;/  Parker was SO good and let Grace and I go lay down for probably 30 minutes.  I thought if Grace would get still she'd go to sleep.  Yeh- no such luck.

So after an attempted nap...we decided to do a few Valentine activities.

I gave Grace this cutting activity from the Valentine's preschool pack.....

We made some Valentine's for Geoff.  Parker had it in her head that we needed to cut out hearts with red paper and use glitter.  So we did as best as we could with what we had.

Parker said the big heart was Geoff and the little heart was her.

And we ended our session with us all doing a coloring hearts page from the Vday preschool pack.

I was impressed with Grace's attempt at tracing!

Then she got tired of tracing and started to scribble scrabble, as we call it.  She told Geoff tonight when she saw him, "Da-da!  I scribble scrabbled on your paper because you wike {like} me to scribble scrabble."  ha ha.  It was so sweet.


Kristin said...

Looks like a fun day! And they did such a good job on their Valentine's for Geoff!!

Anonymous said...

Granny sure likes those glasses
makes you so pretty, valentines
are beautiful too.

Viv said...

She looks so beautiful in her glasses! Looks like a very Happy Valentine's Day!


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