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Saturday, April 27, 2013

2 days away

Here we are today.... just 2 days before baby! (Now- really as I type this...we are only 1 full day away.  Eeeek!)  

Over the past day or so...I've really become sentimental about this being my last pregnancy.  A part of me really does feel like I'm 3 is enough.  Like I don't think I could handle more.  And then there's another part of me that doesn't really feel 'done' this part of my life...of having babies...will be over.  Geoff feels completely done....and is now ready to enter the new stages of our life...where things get 'easier'...where we just raise our kids and enjoy them.  So we'll see.  :)

Anyway- I wanted to take a few pictures of my belly one last time (although I'm sure I will take some tomorrow, too!).  With Grace...I took pictures of my bare belly almost every week...and with this one I have not a single one of my bare belly until today.  So I have a few.  ;)

I wanted to do it today just in case tomorrow morning before church we were in a frenzy or something (you know how Sunday mornings go).  Before Geoff could take one picture...Grace ran up and wanted to be in one with me.

Then one with both girls with none other than My Little Pony.

Me and Baby Nolan at 38 weeks + 6 days

When I first saw this picture I said, "My belly looks lop-sided in this picture."  Geoff replied, "It IS lop-sided."  Hahaha!  He was moving all around.  I've said several times it feels like he's trying to get out of my belly through my belly button because he just pushes so hard and my stomach muscles are non-existent I can feel him really well there.

 We got dressed and headed to Ikea for a 'really quick trip'.  Seriously- there were 3 things on our list.  And ended up being a 2 hour trip!  The girls did really well, but it's all a part of us getting our house in order and organized and I can't wait til we finally have a place for everything.  It'll take a few more weeks, obviously, but we're moving in the right direction. 

Per Parker's request...lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (which is at the mall that we were headed to next).  There were no complaints from Geoff or me.

I took this picture of them..

...and then Parker said, "No wait....take one like this!"  So sweet!!!

After a great lunch where I ate WAY more than I should've....we let the girls ride the carousel at the mall.

After the carousel- the girls were able to pick out a 'surprise' at The Disney Store.  Oh my goodness.  They took picking something out!  I guess they come by it honest, but geez!

We were all tired by this point and it was time to head home.  Parker played well with her new toy and Grace and I ended up taking a little cat-nap.  Sweet girl.

By the time we got was time for our Family Movie Night.  We've only done this once before, but I told the girls yesterday we were going to have another and Parker was SO excited.  When we got home...she locked herself in her room and left strict instructions for all of us to stay out.  So we did.

Right before we started the movie she asked, "Is it time to start Family Movie Night?"  We said yes and then she handed us each an envelop with our name on it and a note inside.  It was just the sweetest thing.  She told us we would have to help Grace read hers.  :)

We were going to make a pallet on the floor...but since we got a new bed at Ikea....we went ahead and moved our mattress into the living room since we would have to anyway for Geoff to put the bed together.  This was an EXTRA special treat!  And while we explained to them that this would not happen again...I told Geoff that movie night on our bed was the way to go.  I was comfortable the whole time.

We watched Up- a movie we haven't watched in at least over a year and that I don't think Grace has ever seen- because I didn't want to just watch a princess or Barbie movie that we always watch.  I wanted it to be 'new,' but then I couldn't think of one we haven't seen (although I'm sure there are a lot). I was worried that it wouldn't keep Grace's attention, but it did.  And let me tell you....they asked us 146 questions throughout the movie.  It was non-stop.  I told Geoff that you could definitely tell it had been a while since we last watched it because I don't remember her asking this many questions...back then she just watched and enjoyed.  They're really growing up!

During the movie the girls ate dinner and we enjoyed our cheesecake.  Parker asked if we could have movie night again tomorrow night.  And maybe we will.

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Kristin said...

YUM! I wanted to go to cheescake factory this past week and we never made it, with Payton being sick and all! Love the pallet, looks fun!!


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