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Friday, April 19, 2013


The weeks are flying by!

This past Saturday we hosted 2 showers....

a bridal shower for my stepsister Aubry....

And a baby shower for my friendly, Amy....

On Monday- they were overstaffed at work and I was able to stay home.  So thankful!!  We were able to get some stuff done in our office/sewing room/hopefully-one-day-functional-school-room.  This room has pretty much been a mess since we moved in (3 and a half years ago!) and I do have hopes that one day (very soon) it won't be.  I have gone back and forth several times on where I want everything to go...where the 'stuff' should go...and how much 'stuff' just needs to be thrown out!!  Almost there.....

While cleaning out the office...Grace found my adult stethoscope that I used in nursing school.  Without prompting- she immediately put it on my belly.  So sweet.

On Tuesday- the girls had swim lessons, and my sister took them since Geoff and I had to work.  She sent me this picture of Grace saying that she was doing so good and even floating on her back by herself.

This little girl did well, too.  After her first week (where she enjoyed her class) the second week she had decided that swimming was not for her and put up a fight.  Well after some discussion (and pretty much not giving her an option)...she went back to class this week.  She went under water several times (which is what she was worried about).  And even last night she was so excited about showing me how well she is going to do next week.

 Wednesday morning I just woke up feeling so large.  I know it's normal and all...but I got several looks when I dropped Parker off at school and one "You're so big!" comment.  I know nothing was meant by any of it...I am, in fact, large.  :)   {Just over 1 week left.}

 And leave it to Texas weather to be 90 degrees one day and in the 50s the next.  But it didn't stop me from wearing my flip flops anyways.  After rall- it's pretty tough reaching my feet these days!  :)



Jenny said...

Sweet pictures! Love the shower decorations. I pray your delivery goes really well!

Rose said...

Stopping by from instafriday....and wishing you lots of good thoughts for final days in your pregnancy. I think you look great! (but don't you love those comments at the end? wow)

Have a great Friday!

Aubrey said...

Our office looks just like yours! I just pinned this awesome blog about organizing and I can't wait to use her ideas!!! And the girls look so cute in their swim class!


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