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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amy's Baby Shower

We didn't stop our shower fun this past Saturday after Aubrey's bridal shower.  Later that afternoon- we threw a baby shower for my friend, Amy, whom I've been friends with since junior high (if you do the math...which I reluctantly do...that was 20 years ago!).  Amy's sister, Lauren, and I threw the shower with lots of help from my mom and sister, too!  ;)

Amy's nursery theme for her sweet baby boy, Gibson, is the skip hop tree top friends....and so we kind of ran with that.  It's so cute and I love all of the bright colors!

These bottles turned out SO cute.  Lauren made the owl cutouts and they are just adorable.

My mom made all of these bibs and burp cloths and the tie/suspender onesie for this clothesline.  

This is just too cute.  Complete with a paci holder.  ;)

Lauren made some really cute decorations!  I love this little bird cage that she put up little pieces of paper on with clothespins so that people could share words of wisdom with Amy.

The party favors...

Lauren also made these adorable signs.  

Along with my girls, and Payton (my niece)...2 other little girls attended the shower.  And our girls just thought this was the neatest thing.  I think Parker was 'in charge'.  Ha!  Anyway- at one point, Parker ran into where I was and told me to grab my camera so I could take a picture.  They were all sitting in this plastic container together.  So silly.  But I love it!

Lauren also came up with some great shower games that I will definitely be using for any future showers I may be throwing!

Lauren and Amy

It was so fun to see these girls.  Jill, Amy, Me, Melissa.  We've also all known each other since junior high, but I had not seen them in years.  It was so good to see them.

Me and Amy: 37 and 31 weeks, respectively.  So fun to be pregnant together and having BOYS!

So so so happy for Amy and her first baby!  Love that we've been friends for so many years and looking forward to experiencing motherhood together, too!  


Dawn said...

You host the best showers! I love all of the decorations. How awesome is it that you and Amy will have boys so close in age!?!

Sanz said...

What an awesome shower! I love your dress too! That little outfit for the baby is absolutely adorable!

Viv said...

So very sweet! It was so good to get to see Amy at your shower!


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