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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Creation Story- Preschool Activities

Over a year ago-- we had a Creation Story themed week.  We read and talked about the story from Genesis 1 and reinforced the story with some activities.  I never got around to posting this because there were a few activities I still wanted to do and thought we'd eventually get around to it.  Well...I don't think its going to happen now.  :)

Parker and I had such a fun time going through this.  It's been fun looking through these pictures to post them.

For ease (mine and yours)- I'm going to just start off by giving the links that I used to come up with these ideas.  If you have an questions, I'd be glad to answer.

Creation Lapbooks- this is a great resource with a lot of printables and ideas
Creation Bible Printables
Creation Bean Bags (never got around to doing these, but thought they were a great idea)
the book The 7 Days of Creation
Sunday School Resources

A matching activity with animals, birds, people....all things God created.   ;)  She did this several times throughout the week and really enjoyed it.

We made this Creation Lapbook throughout the week....

Coffee filter 'earth/world'.  I can't remember where I got this idea.  But I let the girls color a coffee filter with blue and green washable markers.

Then lightly sprayed them with water.  Well- it was supposed to be 'lightly.'  :)

Creation Pinwheel....that we never really quite finished.

Going through each day and what was created....

I had intended to do more....but this is the finished 'inside' of the lap book.

And finally- she made a creation book.  This was the last activity that we did, and this is the activity that I feel like it all started to come together for her.  She would 'read' it to us....and was really able to tell us what happened each day.   She was proud of her book, too.

Her finished book {in blurry photos}...

{this is a picture of us resting in our beds}

Maybe we'll do a creation themed week again this summer for both girls and I'll get around to doing those activities we never did.  ;)


Aubrey said...

I can't believe how much the girls have grown up in just a year!!!

Kristin said...

Maybe we will try this in the summer.. Or better yet you can just let Payton do it with yall :)

Anonymous said...

Where did u get the numbers with the pictures? I couldn't find it in your links

Marla said...

It look like they've moved some things around....but I think these are what you're talking about

Anonymous said...

Thankyou it's what I was looking for!! :)

Unknown said...

You’ll find more links to preschool songs and lessons about creation here:


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