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Friday, April 26, 2013

soaking 'em up

I wanted to try and spend some good time just me and my girls before the baby gets here next week.  We tried to get out and do some 'fun' things yesterday and it just didn't quite work out.  The girls had woken up really early and were tired and grumpy...I was tired and grumpy...the stars just did not align.

But today they did!

Grace slept til 7:30!!  And Parker til 8:00!!  I was SO thankful!!

And because it was that kind of morning...I decided to treat us to donuts.  I asked the girls to run get their clothes on...and guess what?  They did.  Yes- no one asked why....or said that they wanted to wear their jammies...or that they needed help....or drag their feet.  They did what I asked.  The first time I asked.  And they even picked out something decent which was an added bonus.  :)

We came home...ate breakfast...then headed to Target in order for me to get a few more things I needed before Monday.  The girls knew that I had some things I needed to get and that if they behaved and did what I asked of them the first time I asked them...then they could get a little surprise.  This was not a free-for-all...they knew it couldn't be 'too expensive'...and knew that if they picked something out and I said no...they could not throw a fit.  And wouldn't you know fits were thrown!  It did take Parker close to 30 minutes to figure out what she wanted (I was feeling very generous).   Grace ended up with a mermaid barbie for the bath (that she picked out right off the bat and never changed her mind) and a small My Little Pony, and Parker ended up with this Tinkerbell doll (yes she already has one that is similar but not quite the same, and I put up quite a fight to get her to get something else...and then just caved....why fight it? ) and a small stuffed My Little Pony doll.  They were both so happy and proud of their choices.  When we were leaving I felt like I wanted to let everyone know that I had survived and hour and a half in Target alone with 2 small girls aged 5 and 3...and no one

We got home, had lunch...and the girls were settling into The Little Mermaid movie and I decided we would try to go and get a pedicure.  I knew I wanted one before Monday and just didn't know when I'd have the time otherwise.  We had attempted to get one yesterday but the girls were just so argumentative, hornery, and disobedient that we had to leave before getting anything done.  They had meltdowns and time-outs and spankings....and I think I may have gotten my point across (at least it appeared as though I did by their actions today).  :)   I had every intention of not letting them get one at all and I would go by myself...but like I already mentioned- if I didn't take them with me...the likelihood of me getting one at all was small.

So.....we went.  And they did SO good.  And I'm glad we had one together.  The last time Grace sat in the chair right beside me- so this time it was Parker's turn.  Grace was so cute and sweet sitting across the way from us getting her toes done.  It is a special treat to get 'their feet washed'.

Anyway- because the girls had been so good today...and I think I'm just feeling extra hormonal giving because these are our last days together for life as we know it....I asked Parker if she wanted her finger nails painted, too.  She asked if I was.  I told her that no I was not...that I don't usually like for my fingers to be painted, but that she should if she wanted.  And she said no- she did not want hers painted because I didn't.  She even has a little leftover polish on her nails and told me she wanted to get that off, too, so that her nails would be nice and clean like mine.  She'll never know how much that just makes my heart overflow to hear her and see her want to be like me.  So many times I think she doesn't 'like' me because I don't do this or don't do that or whatever it is that I'm telling/asking her to do that she is unhappy with.  But it's in these moments where she wants to wear a long dress (maxi dress) like me...or sandals like mine....or her nails unpainted like mine....that I just want to freeze time and not ever forget.  I can totally see myself reading this years from now....bawling my eyes out because she wants me to drop her off at her friends house a few houses down (that better not ever happen!!!).

I asked Grace if she wanted her nails painted and she was overjoyed.  And as much as I loved that Parker didn't want her nails painted...I loved that Grace did and was SO excited about it.

She just sits there so still and cute.  Uh- I just want to eat her up.  And is {mostly} patient while waiting for them to dry.

After nails...we came home and finished up The Little Mermaid.  Parker and Grace ran an errand with Geoff while I got my hair cut.  Then we met up for dinner....came home....and the girls put on a dancing show for us with Dancing with the Stars on in the background.

Geoff is now off of work, too, til baby is born and we are planning to soak up our girls and hopefully have some good, quality family time together this weekend.  Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend, too!


Viv said...

Have a very Happy Weekend!

Kristin said...

Glad ya'll got to spend the day together and glad they were good and So glad Parker slept til 8am!!


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