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Saturday, April 20, 2013

a good ole family day

I guess one of the good things about hardly ever having a full day off together with that when we do...I really think we appreciate them more.  And with a new baby being added to the mix in just over a week...I really wanted us to do some fun things together in our final days as a family of four.  I thought maybe the zoo?  The arboretum?  A picnic?  But nothing really jumped out at me.  Then- yesterday afternoon- Parker asked again when her daddy was going to take her ice skating.  And that was it!  I had to get a go ahead from Geoff and then our plans were set.  :)

So we woke up this morning (around 7:30 which is actually sleeping in, ha!).  Made fruit smoothies, pancakes, and eggs for breakfast.  We all got dressed and eventually out the door.  :)

We ended up getting there before the rink was open to the the girls played in this play area for a bit and then we ate lunch.  Geoff and I had our first Raising Cane's experience.  I thought it was SO good.  Loved the sauce.  Geoff didn't seem too impressed.  I'm actually wanting to go back there tomorrow.  ha! :)  I think that sauce may have some kind of addicting component to it.

After lunch- it was time for ice skating!  Grace wasn't sure if she wanted to skate...and Geoff wanted to start with just one kid at a time.

 She stuck to the side a few times around.  She was a little wobbly and fell a few times (which is a given, I'd think)- and I have to be honest...I thought she'd end up frustrated and quit.  But I was so proud of her and how she just kept trying and was doing SO well by the time we were done.  She had so much fun.

After a couple times around the rink- Geoff decided he'd be ok having both of them out there.  Grace was ready!

And Parker did just fine on her own while Daddy helped Grace.

I think Grace went around 2-3 times and she was done.  I thought she did really well though.  She just wasn't that into it and needed Geoff to hold her all the time (which is what I'd expect anyway).

Parker really is a daddy's girl.

Happy girl.


She skated for about an hour....and I think she would have gone for longer, but she started getting a blister on her ankle from the skates.  First skating trip = success!

After the skating I thought we could all use some ice cream.  :)  (yes- mine is the largest one on the table.  and i ate it all.)

Then Geoff had the brilliant idea of stopping on the way home to get some popcorn.  He got me jalapeƱo ranch.  Confession: I ate the whole bag by the time we got home.

We came home and did a few things around the house.  Geoff gave the girls a bath and got them dinner while I took a little power nap.

Instead of watching a show to wind down the past 2 nights...we've just been playing in the girls' room for a while.  They love it...and I'm pretty sure they've gone above the recommended quota of TV time over the past few weeks.

I gave them the '5 more minute' warning....they started to clean up {a little}....but what she really did was line up all of those princesses above her headboard....

...and put the barbies on top of her nightstand (aka 'a boat')....and she wanted to leave them there so they'd be there and ready for tomorrow.  

When the girls were brushing their teeth tonight...Parker said, "Today was the best day!"  

It was, sweet girl.  It was.


Courtney said...

You got some great pictures!

It does look like one of the best day's :)

Viv said...

Been wanting to try 'raising canes' myself but never have. I've heard mixed reviews but glad to hear you liked it.

Precious memories there. It was so good to get to see them (& all of you) yesterday!

Kristin said...

Looks like such a fun and memorable day!!


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